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Help! Wraithguard are killing me!
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Old 18 May 2007, 18:27   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Help! Wraithguard are killing me!


I am consistently in battle with the Eldar. Me and a friend of mine are consistent rivals for power. However, the balance of power has been shifted lately, do to the new Eldar rules on wraithguard. ARRRGHHH!!! TOUGHNESS 6 MAKE RAFAR ANGRY!!!! RAAAGHHH!!!... Sorry about that. Anyway, he generally Fields them as troop choices, with a warlock that knows conceal. He also tends to keep his farseer close, so that it can cast fortune on them. They are the bane of my existence. Please help!

Chaos Lord Rafar
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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

Melta/lassie havocs or a defiler. Problem solved. Id prefer a defiler over melta havocs because melta havocs involve getting close. Give that puppy some indirect fire and you're good to go. If you don't like defliers (I don't, I think their ugly, expensive, and attract alot of unwanted attention) a dreadnought with a plasma cannon could be a decent choice as well.
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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

You may wish to take a couple of units of daemonettes and a unit or two of marines infiltrating.

The daemonettes can take down anything that he will throw at you! And I mean anything: Rending + a juicy number of attacks = ouch!

And if youv'e got a fair bit of cash to spare stry and buy a unit of mounted daemonettes and chuck them at his most meatiest unit.

Aside from that we need a brief army list to see where you are going wrong.
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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!


Take them in melee. Shooting them is exactly what they want you to do. Missiles, Plasma, etc, all wasted on them. That re-rollable 5+ is a 55% chance to ignore any single shot you throw at it. And if you don't ignore the same, it's just a really tough time getting through the re-rolled 3+. In melee, he gets zero. He also sucks in melee. He has excellent guns and can take shots very well. But he cannot take melee. A Lord or Lt. on a bike will make them cry. Take power fists. Your Asp. Champions with Power Fists. Raptors with Power Fists. Anything with a Power Fist will end them. If you want it to be very fast, as Silk recommended, use Daemonettes. Rending is king. They're laughably easy in assault. So take it to them the way only Chaos can. Hard and fast.

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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

Powerfist will kill them.
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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

How is this even a question? Wraithlfuid for the Blood God!

(What I mean is, as others have stated, charging into combat is the way to go. Charge 2 units at them, adn if they shoot up one the other will get in. Wraithguard fighting MEQ's will last the whole game, and they are really expensive. You can't win a shooting war with these guys, the fortune will turn the tide away. If you charge in though, the Farseer must either pile in, where he will take a chainaxe to the head, or if he's not part of the unit he's now the closest eligible target to your other units, and you can smoke him.)

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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

Maybe bash into the with some fast things like bikes or raptors (with a well knitted out Champion) and make sure your shooty troops shoot all his close combat troops which could come in and help. A powerfist will kill a few of 'em a turn I'd think.
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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

As a big time wraithguard user- I'll have to say Malveaux and company are dead on. Your friend fields a "wraith-wall" setup in the exact manner I do. Shooting at the unit is pointless for the most part- in fact I prefer my opponent fire as many heavies as possible on the unit- this draws much of the fire away from the more mobile and dangerous units I field. Pie plates are laughably inaccurate, and I tend to run straight at them.

Your only real option in dealing with it is to blitz the line with assaulters, and stick with powerfists or greater, or rending from Daemonettes, which works well also. The only times I've ever lost my wraith-wall was to an assault blitz with powerfists/rending, as power weapons/deathcompany/librarians are just as laughable.

If your opponent is aware of this though- beware his countercharge. When I run the set I normally keep something (Harlequins are prime) as counter just in case something threatens the line, and with a balanced list it can be difficult to bring numbers to bear on a wraith-wall that is well supported with countercharge.

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Old 19 May 2007, 01:07   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!

Well everyone else is spot on the money in my book (except that one about shooting them, since I used the a similar tactic in 3rd edition using Guardians as a meatshield with conceal).

Take them in combat, or not at all
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Old 21 May 2007, 17:27   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 35
Default Re: Help! Wraithguard are killing me!


Thank you for all of you replies. I have found them very useful. I will be sure to take some powerfist heavy units in our next battle. How about terminators with powerfists?

Chaos Lord Rafar
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