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Soul Drinkers
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Default Soul Drinkers

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Default Soul Drinkers List - 1500pts
hi guys
heres my list for the soul drinkers army i am starting


Daemon Prince: 212pts
Daemonic Aura, Mutation, Speed, Stature, Strength, Dreadaxe, CCW, Sorceror,
Wind of Chaos, Spikey Bits, Frag Grenades, Furious Charge.


Tellos and his Assault Marines-345pts
Khorne Beserkers with Icon of Khorne and Furious Charge.
11 Bezerkers with Bolt Pistols and Chainaxes.
Tellos with Dual Lightning Claws, Collar of Khorne, Feel No Pain and Talisman of Burning Blood.

All with Frag Grenades and Infiltrate.
4 Chosen with Bolters.
1 Chosen with Heavy Bolter.


Squad Graevus-233pts (Chaos Marines)
All with Frag Grenades and Infiltrate.
7 Marines with Bolters.
2 Marines with Melta Guns.
Graevus with Bolt Pistol, Power Fist and Daemonic Strength.

Squad Grivrillian-214pts (Chaos Marines)
All with Frag Grenades and Infiltrate.
7 Marines with Bolters.
2 Marines with Plasma Guns.
Grivrillian with Bolt Pistol, Chainsword and Night Vision.

Fast Attack

Assault Squad Luko-230pts (Raptors)
All with Frag and Krak Grenades and Infiltrate.
1 Marine with Bolt Pistol And CCW.
2 Marines with Flamers.
1 Marine with Melta Gun.
Luko with Twin Lightning Claws and Daemonic Fire.

Heavy Support

Autocannon Turret, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Havoc Launcher and Extra Armour.

Total: 1500pts

all c&c welcome. ;D
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Default Re: Soul Drinkers

The Chosen are weak and lacking. Remove them from the list, or use them as a Troops choice instead.

The Collar of Khorne, IMO, is kinda useless unless you're fighting Psykers, and even then it's only really good at those 1-in-a-million moments. Drop it, and the chosen, and replace them with some sort of mechanized vehicle, or some bikes. You need something faster, one raptor squad is going to get cut down before too long.

Your Lord? Sorceror is kinda useless unless he has a Mark of Tzeentich, and you'd need the Chaos Minor Psychic Powers, which aren't part of the codex. More money for the fast unit.

Why two Melta Guns for the squad? How about one Melta and a Lascannon, or a Heavy Bolter?
You've got mixed priorities, IMO, either you make a fast CC squad, rhino-mounted with Meltas to get up close and personal, or you make a larger squad of bolters and Lascannon or Heavy Bolters, for heavy firepower. Same with the Plasma Guns. Also, Night Vision is a pretty poor Veteran Skill.

The Raptors? I don't run with them, but they seem very CC oriented. You need some backup for them, I say cut down the point-sinks I mentioned, and outfit one of the troop squads or the Bezerkers in a Rhino. That way, your forces can move faster towards the enemy, an deal more damage.

The Predator seems fine, however, the Extra Armour is kinda useless these days, most firing on tanks with heavy firepower or nothing at all.

Overall, its a solid lord, and some good ideas, but there are mixed messages. Not to mention that HUGE point-sink of that Bezerker Squad, and the Chosen are totally tacked on.
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Default Re: Soul Drinkers

I don't think the Soul Drinkers have any vehicles, also what are the chosen supposed to represent? You could remove them and get Ilktinos or maybe Eumenes.
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