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advice on making a campaign book
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Default advice on making a campaign book

this is the exact same post as the one in the guard forum.

so my friends and i are going to try to make our own kind of imperial armour book, with new models and army lists and story lines and stuff. so here is what we have.

The Delphi Uprising

Imperial Archives One


The Delphi Uprising

1. The Tyrant of Delphi
2. Road To War
3. The 8th Imperial Siege Army
4. First Assault
5. The Jungle War
6. The Temples of Delphi
7. Breakthrough
8. The War of the Rats
9. The Secret of Delphi

Forces of the Imperium

1. The Altairan Salamanders
2. The Urideshi Siege Korps
3. The Vostroyan Firstborn
4. Leman Russ Prosecutor
5. Siege Equipment
6. Roc Assault Ships
7. Saints

Forces of Chaos

1. Delphisian Cultists
2. Jungle Horrors


Historical Refight scenarios

So we will try to introduce new army lists, equipment and units. My real issue right now is how few Chaos units we have, thers a 7:2 ratio of Imperium to Chaos. Does anyone have any idea os how we might be able to even this out.

Secondly, does anyone have advice or ideas on how to make the book look similar to the FW IA books or the GW codexs, namely borders.

Thanks alot everyone
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