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Question about Thousand Sons vs. Tyranids
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Default Question about Thousand Sons vs. Tyranids

I am somewhat new to the Thousand Sons, although I have read extensively about them, and seen many lists. The one thing I can't seem to piece together is how effective they are against Tyranids, especially the swarm variety. Sure their marines have the extra wound, but for their points cost, there is not as much basic bolter fire as you would see amongst other marine/chaos marine chapters. Usually we play 1000pt lists.

Now to the point of my thread. First off, what are some basic units/tactics that you would use against the Tyranids as a Thousand Sons army to combat the possibility of their greater numbers? Also, what are some example armies you might take against a general Tyranid player?

Thanks in advance for your insight/opinions. I am looking forward to reading them.
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Default Re: Question about Thousand Sons vs. Tyranids

I have actually played a TK Sons army against Nids. There are few things to consider. First doombolt on all your Asps works quite well.
I took a defiler( you should be using them in a general list anyway ). However my 2 havoc squads (1 with ML's, 1 with HB's). are also quite good They need need some serious fast-moving/infiltrating units to neutralise that horde-killing firepower so their MCs can be effective. I would take three squads now and maybe drop the pred. Just do not let the nids small ones tie up those havocs in combat.
Always move backwards against Nids ... you want to fire those bolters as much as possible before they engage you in assaiult. Now here is a tip . .. changing your opponents creatures into chaos spawn is quite nice so consider gifts as well as a psychic power.
I found my dreadnought was not to useful against Nids ... a gaunt swarm will hold it up for the whole game. I usually took one LR in my TK Sons with Marines and Asp w/ WoC ... against Nids this might be risky though and it eats up a lot of points.
I haven't played TK Sons for over two years now ( sold the force ) and have slowly been selling off all my Chaos so this is all from memory of days gone by but basically play them as you would DeathWing ... shoot as much as possible and keep back as long as possible. Target the stealers first as you really do not want to get into H2H with them and watch out for infiltrating BL and squad.
Now for the piece de resistance ... wanna take out his whole army? Flamers will do it .. as many as you can fit in for the points.
DP seem good but beware .. they will be a target and against nids i would not sink too many points in them. I would rather have Lts w/ doombolt.

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Default Re: Question about Thousand Sons vs. Tyranids

Nids fear mass bolter fire. Since you can move/shoot up to 24", just make sure you concentrate your fire as much as possible. Among other upgrades on my AC, I run with Bolt of Change(for annoying Zoanthropes), Gift of Chaos & familiar. GoC works awesomely, combined with Warp Focus and having more Spawn in your army also increases your wound count and gives you a great HtH punch.

I sent my Lt into HtH with some 16 Termagaunts and he spawned 3 of them. My opponent then re directed his whole army (Brood Lord/12 Genestealers and Hormagaunts) to my Lt. It took him 4 turns to kill off the Lt because I kept spawning his Nids and those spawn are nice in HtH. He was so wrapped up in killing my Lt, that afterward, he was clumped all together and received some happy Bolter and Defiler loving.

You could also look into Dreads with Warp Flame, that is also really nasty.
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Default Re: Question about Thousand Sons vs. Tyranids

a couple of preds with autocannon/heavybolter sponsons sorts out nids (this is only in experience with my loyalist ravenguard preds)
Other wise, the runbackwards trick descibed above is good.
Once my ally in a 3000pts each game (2 teams of 2X3000pts=12000) took 9 chosen of tzeentch with gift and four thrall wizards each, he turned 5 out of 9 nid warriors into spawn, changing the flow of the game (we were losing before).
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