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thinking of starting chaos
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Default thinking of starting chaos

as you can see from the name, I am thinking of starting chaos. I have narrowed it down to two kinds. Either LatD, or Tzeentch. My first question is, how well do tzeentch do against heavily armoured armies? I mean, they don't have too many heavy weapons at all. And do they always get owned by anything with heavy firepower. And one thing about the modelling for LatD, I heard there was a sprue of some sort that was used to convert the guardsmen, is this true? and if so, what is it called? If not, how would I go about making the different kinds of units?


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Default Re: thinking of starting chaos

I'm not sure about the Tezeench followers, but you get a mutation sprue with the boxes of chaos marines, it's a small sprue with tentacles and things on it. Or you could use green stuff to model extra limbs, etc.
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Default Re: thinking of starting chaos

Tzeentich, as in Thousand Sons? They don't mutate, rather, they're walking dust-filled shells.
The Thousand Sons take Psychic Powers, and are very good with them. Give your Sorcerors Doombolts, and watch the tanks crack. And you can always take Predator Tanks, Lascannons aplenty.

LatD, the appeal is making your own traitors. Buy one box of Chaos Marines, say, use the parts to make your Aspiring Champions, then save the mutant sprues for Mutant squads. the sky is the limit, You can use Beastmen from fantasy, Ork parts, Lord Of The Rings Orcs, it all would fit.
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