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Anything wrong with these lists part 1
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Default Anything wrong with these lists part 1

Ive been over these lists over and over its 2 detachments, one LATD and one Emperors children i cant help but feel that they are not right

EMPERORS children

Chaos Lord:Mark of Slaanesh, Lightning Claws (LightningClaw) (Lightning Claw), Terminator

Armour,Daemonic Essence, Daemonic Mutation,Combat Drugs
4 chosen termies, 3 are champions with Lightning claws, Strength and mutation, and 1 icon bearer
=509pts (inc Lord)

Chaos Lieutenant: Mark of Slaanesh, Lightning Claws (Lightning Claw) (Lightning Claw), Terminator Armour, Daemonic Essence, Daemonic Strength, Furious
4 terminator chosen, 1 with reaper AC, Free champion with spiky bits

12 noise marines with bp+ccw, frags, free champion with doom siren, powerfist, mutation, doom siren, bp

2X6 daemonettes

3X5 noise marines with Las, tankhunters

Predator with:Twin-linked Lascannon, Lascannon, Lascannon (sponson)


Total 2007pts
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Anything wrong with these lists part 1

I'm certainly no expert and I've been waiting for someone else to post to see if they would confirm my own ideas. Alas, it seems noone else is interested, so lemme take a crack at this if you don't mind.

There are a few things that spring to mind as concerns for this army.

1. Your Lord is attached to a really expensive retinue of Chosen Terminators. So is your Lt.; this just seems like a major point dumping ground (nearly half your total!). I would think you'd want to speed up your lord and detach him from the termies. Do the same to your Lt. and have them work in tandem rather than making them slow down to match your Chosen.

2. Dump one of those retinues entirely, and pop the remainder up to 6, and use the points to really show off the fact that you're using NOISE MARINES!! First pop your 3x5's to 3x6's, as they should be in a pure EC army, and get some Sonic Blasters shaking to the beat. Those cheap Blasters will maul armies left and right.

3. Drop the Lascannon Sponsons and pick up Heavy Bolters. You got Lascannons everywhere.

I'm not sure what's going on with your contingent of 12 EC but hey...

Those are just my immediate thoughts on the subject. Remember that Slaneesh's number is 6!

So what do you think? Did I help at all?
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Default Re: Anything wrong with these lists part 1

Yes it has my army was too slow, for the game and he just sat back and picked me off, I usually take a lord with stature and speed, also my enemy was iron warriors so i was up against 2 landraiders and 2 defilers, so i went overboard with las, His army was split into small minimum squads with lascannons and missile launchers, with tooled up lords and lieutenants, with huge termie retinues, that deep striked so i couldnt take anything but the tanks out early
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Default Re: Anything wrong with these lists part 1

Doom Sirens are not nearly as good as they use to be since now they count as plasma nades. Get rid of all your close combat troops for ranged sonic blasters they would do better. Your lord and retinue costs too much you have alot of gifts that are not needed and considering he has a termy retinue I would give him a lash of torment, combat drugs and a sonic blaster with his termy armor and your set with him and then I would just upgrade the termy bodyguard with sonic weaponry such as blastmasters and sonic blasters but their power weapons and warpscream is enough for them in cc. Blastmaster/las cannon combo is more tactical and cost efficient and I would never have a land raider in my armor especially for chaos. Get more daemonettes.
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