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Cult Clash! [BatRep - Violators vs Khorne, 1000 Points];
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Default Cult Clash! [BatRep - Violators vs Khorne, 1000 Points];

I'd been modifying my Violators to use as a pure Cult list, so I could use it from time to time as opposed to my regular Violator list. Turns out my mate had been thinking up Cult Khorne list, so we pitted them against each other.

Violators -

Lord; 222 Points
Dark Blade,
Furious Charge,
Combat Drugs,
Spiky Bits,
Personal Icon.

6 Slaanesh Marines; 159 Points
2 Sonic Blasters,
1 Blastmaster,
1 Plasma Gun,

6 Slaanesh Marines; 159 Points
2 Sonic Blasters,
1 Blastmaster,
1 Plasma Gun,

6 Slaanesh Marines; 159 Points
2 Sonic Blasters,
1 Blastmaster,
1 Plasma Gun,

6 Havoc Slaanesh Marines; 207 Points
Tank Hunters,
3 Blastmasters,

6 Daemonettes; 90 Points

996 Points

Khorne -

Khorne Lord; 212 Points
Mark of Khorne,
Terminator Armour,
Close Combat Weapon,
Axe of Khorne,
Spiky Bits,
Master Crafted Weapon,
Melta Bombs,
Furious Charge.

8 Bezerkers; 185 Points
Chain Axes,

8 Bezerkers; 185 Points
Chain Axes,

Predator; 150 Points
3 Las,
Extra Armour.

Predator; 150 Points
3 Las,
Extra Armour.

Predator; 118 Points
Heavy Bolters,
Extra Armour,

1000 Points
__________________________________________________ _________________________

The Followers of the Blood God had been plauging the Violators mining colony of Vardaxion for weeks, decimating the Traitors and Cultists that had been stationed to defend it. Vardaxion was a key world for Demitrius and his Violators and he was intent on keeping it. Sending one of his most trusted Commanders, the half serpent, lightning quick Saccharine, not only would he ensure that he kept his grip on the colony but win more favour in the eyes of Slaanesh by defeating the minions of one of its most bitter rivals in the pantheon of Chaos Gods.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Terrain & Board -

We were playing on an odd board about 58" long and 32" wide. In the middle of the battlefield on the left was an area of ruins [12"x 8"]. To the right was a small ruined temple that blocked LOS. We played up the length of the table to make up for how narrow the board is, so we had 17" deep Depo. zones, this ensured that we started 24" apart. The table really wasn't suited to any missions so we just went for a standard VP game with infiltrators, Deep Strike etc allowed. In my deployment zone were two barricades. In his, a tower and a hill.

Deployment -

The Violators were all crammed together to make use of the barricades, creating a wall of blue power armour, bristling with sonic weaponry. From left to right; normal squad, havocs, slight gap, normal squad, normal squad. My Lord on the far left of this formation.

The 2 Las Preds were at the rear of the Khorne depo zone. one squad on my left, ready to make use of the ruins. The Dakka Pred deployed centrally at the front of the depo zone with the lord, and shielding the second Bezerker squad.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Turn 1-

Violators - I win the roll to go first, with only my Blastmasters in range and concerned that the Las Preds may be out of range. My Havocs fire on the Dakka Pred. Destroying it with a penetrating 6. Although all the Bezerkers and Lord were caught, none died. My other Blast Masters failed to hurt another Pred.

Khorne - The Khorne Bezerkers advance whilst the Las Preds down a Havoc each.

Turn 2-

Violators - The Havocs kill another Pred but again my other Blastmasters fail to do any damage.

Khorne - The Pred kills another 2 Havocs. The Bezerkers continue to advance, the ones heading for the ruins move further due to blood frenzy. Just reaching the ruins edge.

Turn 3-

Violators - The Violators fire-power achieves nothing at all in this turn.

Khorne - The Pred kills another Havoc, leaving 1 left. The Lord and squad in the ruins Frenzy again, closing ground on the Slaanesh line. But this leaves the Lord out ahead of the Bezerker squad he was previously close to.

Turn 4-

Violators - The lone Havoc stuns and immobilises the last Pred. My far left squad kills one of the Bezerkers that have now made it through the ruins but their Plasma gunner kills himself. My squads on my right kill 3 Bezerkers from the central Khorne squad.

Seeing his chance Saccharine, the Slaanesh Lord charges down his Khorne counterpart, easily reaching him with Daemonic Speed. He hacks the Khorne Lord down before he can even raise his clumsy axe.

Khorne - The remaining 5 Bezerkers from the central squad see their chance to avenge their lord and charge the Slaanesh Prince. Panic sets in and he only cuts down one Bezerker before he is crushed between the gaping metal jaws of a Khorne powerfist.

[NOTE; I TOTALLY forgot about my Daemonettes!, probably because although we had most of the models for this game as I had an old Khorne army my mate could use, Daemonettes were something we were going to proxy. If id remembered I would have summoned the Daemonettes at the start of this turn, have them charge a Bezerker squad and my Lord charge his Lord. That probably would have meant my Lord surviving and saving most of my Marines that I lose later in the game. HUGE mistake, I could have probably got a massacre if id have remembered to use them.]

Turn 5-

Violators - The lone Havoc misses. The squads on my right step up but only kill 1 Bezerker due to so many passed saves. My left squad also only kills a single Bezerker from the squad heading from the ruins.

Khorne - The Pred kills the lone Havoc. The Bezerkers on my left frenzy and head deep into my lines. Both Bezerker squads charge 1 of my Slaanesh squads. They kill a few with axes, before my powerfist cuts down the two Bezerkers from the weakened central squad. The Khorne Powerfist finishes off the Slaanesh unit and the Bezerkers sweep into another squad.

Turn 6-

Violators - All my remaining Marines charge in, 1 Slaanesh Marine dies but all 6 Bezerkers are cut down. Mainly to powerfists.

Khorne - The Pred finishes the game by taking out two more Marines.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Violators Total; 925 Points
Khorne Total; 682 Points

Violators win by 243 Points

I don't have my rulebook on me so I'm unsure im my unused Daemonetts count as destroyed or not. I've just assumed they do. Also unsure on what type of victory that margin gives me although I know it's at least a Minor Victory.

I was pretty happy with my list, the board limited us and my Havocs performed really well. It was a really stupid mistakes with the Daemonettes. Against most lists I'd be advancing, using my Lord to dash into enemy lines and unleash the Daemonetts amongst them. I like the setup of the 6 man squads as they can deal with most things. The Khorne list was lacking in infantry IMO. In his 1500 list there are another 16-24 Bezerkers + some Bloodletters. My Lord was also really well suited to dealing with his. I do think the list needs more speed though, it just wasnt needed in this game.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

My Violators now stand at 9 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. Although my other games were with a much weaker list. Here is a thread that contains some fluff, 3 more batreps and my usual Violator list ;

__________________________________________________ ________________________________
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Default Re: Cult Clash! [BatRep - Violators vs Khorne, 1000 Points];


Good game. Always nice to read Slaneesh whooping up on Khorne ( ;D). That is a bummer about the Daemonettes, though it wouldn't have changed the outcome too much. It was rotten to have those predators slowly eating marine after marine, and that clunky Khorne HQ was rather funny. In the end, a slug fest. That's just awesome.

(+1 of course!)

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Default Re: Cult Clash! [BatRep - Violators vs Khorne, 1000 Points];


A win for the good guys, hurrah! *Waves at FT* excellent report with good insight in the after action review. Don't feel bad about forgetting the Daemonettes, they might not have been able to save your lord.
Thanks to Malv for karmatizing you, I can't do it from my blackberry.

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