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chaos lord/transport
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Default chaos lord/transport

i was writing up a list for my chaos space marines, and my question is this...
can u have a chaos lord in terminator armour mounted in a landraider with power armoured chosen??
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Default Re: chaos lord/transport

Yes. A Lord may have a retinue of Chosen whether or not he has Terminator Armour. They may be in Power Armour, as there is no restriction as to what armour they wear (i.e. power/terminator) as compared to the Lord. You may then purchase a Land Raider transport for them, which would be the only transport the Lord (in Terminator Armour) could ride in.

The amount of space the Lord would take up can get a bit foggy, but it's best to just count him as 2 models. So the most Chosen you could have and still get in the Land Raider with the Lord (in terminator armour) would be 8.

As a side note, we here at Tau Online prefer that members use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar etc. as noted in the rules; e.g.
"I was writing up a list for my Chaos Space Marines, and my question is this...
Can you have a Chaos Lord in terminator armour mounted in a Land Raider with power-armoured Chosen??

Hope that clears things up for you.

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