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"Half Breed" Chaos Marines
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Default "Half Breed" Chaos Marines

I am a big reader of all the Warhammer 40k balck library stuff and most other Sci-fi and Fantasy books. I love the escapism.

In the book "Storm of Iron" a must read if you have not. One of the main characters is a "half breed"

this being the chaos marine has gene seed from not only an iron warrior but from a dead Imperial Fist Loyal marine.

basically the iron warriors recovered a dead imperial marine and harvested his geneseed and used it to create furhter iron warriors.

this brings up a question fluff wise

how many of the current chaos marines are half breeds and how many of the original Heresy traitors are really left?

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Default Re: "Half Breed" Chaos Marines

I belive that will be ansered in the next codex or one of the major god codexes
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