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Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff
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Default Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff

Due to a post by Krell I made this,
Chaos Players post us up a quick uptodate summary (well as big as you want) of your legions fluff.
So basically what is a good idea to include is:
  • Legion (didn't see that one comming) or what legion they are/were apart off
  • Leader
  • Important characters or characteristics of the army
  • Prefered enemy
  • What are they trying to achive
  • What colours do they wear to battle

I will post mine soon when I have it at a standerd I like.

So post away!

Your PR Officer,
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Default Re: Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff

Legion: The Thousand Sons
Leader: Thomankhamun, lieutenant of Tzeentch, bearer of knowledge and knower of truths, claims to have spoken to Tzeentch in person, whether this is true is yet to be known.
Important characteristics: Fiercley loyal to Tzeentch (such that I have 45 models in my army and all points values are multiples of 9, go me!) Also has an obsession with teleportation and has warriors practiced in using the the psycic power of the key, In addition, they travel in the Everchanging Fortress, which is (suprise suprise) a fortress that is forever changing. it is driven by a daemon, and carries the entire kabal and the prisoners it takes for experriments.
Prefered Enemy Space Wolves, nurgle (to an extent, though they will ally if the need arises)
Goals Whatever Thomankhamun's master (Tzeentch) Dictates, they shall do. as well as further improve their knowledge of sorcerey adn teleprtation.
Colours Blue (with rune and/or sigils all over)
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Default Re: Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff

Legion: Pyre Renegade Chapter
Leader: Hann Figuris, Judicator of the legion and the four Praetors
-Hakrath Ignifer of the 1st
-Meznilben Torreo of the 2nd
-Liber Incencdia of the 3rd
-Eversio Occasus of the 4th
Important Characteristics: All marines have a craving for destruction and flame. This addiction led to the annihilation of the Gorva System in the Imperium. Homeworld used to be the planet of Furio but now they reside on Optumo V a planet close to the eye of terror. Worship the goddess of destruction. Used to be known as the brothers in flame chapter before excommunication. Preference of flamers, autocannons and meltas.
Preferred Enemy: They don't have one in particular but the Salamanders and the Emperor's Children are some of the most hated.
What they're trying to achieve: Hann Figuris has a short agenda:
-Make the Pyre known and feared and show the Imperium that they are just as lethal as the original traitor legions.
-To join the 14th black Crusade.
-Make Imperial priority sheets.
Battle Colours: Orange armour with black trim. There is no symbol for their legion.
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Default Re: Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff

I'm Honoured, LeeStar.

Warband: Tethys' Planetbreakers
Leader: Degrado Tethys, Chaos Warlord, and his subordinates:
1. Gor The Headspitter, bloody butcher of civilians
2. Silencer, Warrior of something called: "Malal"
Important Characteristics: The Planetbreakers are random, chaotic, and destructive. They travel the Eye Of Terror, recruiting followers and breaking things. They are mercenary, often on the payroll of a Legion to busy or preoccupied to do a job by itself. They often travel out of the eye in their ragtag ships, evading Imperial vessels and sacking planets.
Perferred Enemy: Tau! They're fun to smash, and those helmets make excellent Headlamps on Rhinos.
What They're trying to achieve: Chaos, mayhem and destruction. Surprisingly, they have a soft spot for the Eldar, and sometimes try to avoid attacking them.
Battle Colours: Whatever they're wearing. Grubby Brown rags for the Mutants, Black and Brass uniform for the Traitors, and Tethys likes his Gold-plated armour.
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Default Re: Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff

Legion: Nyn'aviee's personal warhost. (can't think to be honest!)
Leader: Nyn'aviee
Important characters: Nyn'aviee, Leyhniludour (greater daemon), her chosen: Elbereth, Loryen, Silvara, skarrbreeze, Sla Mori (i'll give a cookie to those who PM me with where i got the names from ;D)
characteristics of the army: Entirely female
Prefered enemy: imperial guard / tau
What are they trying to achive: Utter destuction of all male leaders in the imperium, and possibly in the warp aswell. Plus the gathering of vandires soul.
What colours do they wear to battle: White.
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