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Whos the best chaos god?
View Poll Results: Who do you think is the best chaos god? You deside
Khorne 0 0%
Nurgle 0 0%
Slaneesh 0 0%
Tzeench 1 100.00%
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Default Whos the best chaos god?

Iv bean wondering for some time now who's the best chaos god? let me know!!!

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Default Re: Whos the best chaos god?


Unfortunately polls like these are viewed as spam, so this poll will not make it to the next level. In the future, try to ask more detailed questions, more specific ideas, in order to get more detailed and specific answers. If you want to know more of the Chaos gods, start by searching and look at the stickies in the board. You'll find there's already a lot of information on this. Asking folk who's the best God is simply asking for .... opinions. Any god can be the `best' for anyone who posts and says they're the best. You know? There's no reason for them to justify it other than say they're the best. If you want to know why folk think a particular god is the best, that should then be part of your question. Ask for explanations, details, real reasons and not just opinions. When it's just an opinion shout-out thread--it's spam, and it gets locked.

That said, this thread is locked for the time being. If you wish to edit your poll & original post, please contact Ged (the board moderator) or any staff member (including myself). If you wish to alter it, it will be unlocked for you to change.

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