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Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)
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Default Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)

Hello all,

I am currently at about 1000pts of my Black Legion that I'm happy with and I'm looking to begin my expansion. Before I do so I need to figure out what what kind of army I want my chaos to be. Being spoiled for choice in the case of the Chaos codex, I figured I'd solicit some help. However, rather than ask the "what should I buy next" question I have a different request:

How do you approach using your army?

Since that might be a bit esoteric I'll try and clarify by way of example. When I run my Mech Tau, I know I need to move certain units a certain way in relation to the others, I know I need to select targets in a certain fashion and I know I need to support certain unit actions with other unit actions (even if I fail to do so properly with distressing frequency :-\). While this doesn't mean I have a hard and fast flowchart covering 6 turns, it does mean I have a fairly decent idea that when the Brightmoon Cadre hits the table it's going to do things a certain way, regardless of the specific circumstances. If I had to pick three adjectives to describe Brightmoon they would be: reactive, cautious, and mobile. Said another way, I know the general response with the tools I have to most specific situations.

Not so with the warband of Var'khor the Exile.

Now I suppose that this has a lot to do with my inexperience with Chaos, but that's why I'm asking the community. I'm not really looking for unit tactica or cult specializations as those have been covered excellently by Farseer Tyross, MalVeaux and others (thank you by the way!), I'm looking for how you would frame your intent with the army you've built.

Just to add a further clarification, this is not a request for a definitive guide on how to play chaos, rather I'm interested in how individuals generals approach using the chaos codex to express their style of play. Or, what kind of general are you and how does your army express that?

How many stars in the sky right? :

Try three adjectives, or a single sentence, or not. I'm hoping for theory and intent more than strategy and tactics, as I think the former two have a lot more to do with building and army that's fun to play.


Me? Oh, I'm new.....
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Default Re: Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)


Im a daemon heavy player. Summoning up units in near-perfect spots and crippling my opponents counter attack. squad-on-squad fight occur and the enemies counter assault units are bogged down or make a useless decision.

I play with models that i just simply enjoy modelling and painting. Ie daemonettes, and this eefects how i play: i have a few solid units that are multi use, and with a bit of luck i can destroy anything that comes along my way, and the greater daemon and my daemon queen are used in a similar way to carnfex's: splatting anything that happens to a little too tough for my girls.
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Default Re: Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)

I put my Khorne Berzerkers in cover and leap out at passing units. Three adjectives: Cautious, Frenzied and utterly mad!

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Default Re: Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)


I play all colors of Chaos under the blackened sky. From Lost and the Damned, to Alpha Legion, to IronWarriors, etc. When I approach the beginning of making my list, I first think about what kind of game I'm going to play: (1) competitive, (2) casual, (3) cities of death competitive, (4) cities of death casual. From there, I choose a legion or just go straight out of the codex, unless it's Lost and the Damned. Right away I decide where my anti-tank will be, and how far out it will spread. This could be humble troops, or elites and troops for me. Rarely anything other than those two slots. From there, I start to look into how I will keep mobility and how many scoring units I want to have or at least try to have. These come in all slots except the HQ for me as I rarely use vehicles these days in Chaos. Once I've managed to figure out that stuff in my list, I fit an HQ in there, or two; and I mold them to fill in the weaknesses that other parts of my list have. If I need more assault, I take cheap but fast moving assault HQs for example, if I don't need assault, I take a very minimal HQ and focus more on `attracting disaster' with it (ie, wanting to be shot) as a decoy, etc. So basically start at the heart of the list's needs (countering vehicles, and having mobility for objectives) and move out (firepower, assault) and finally top it off with a cherry (custom HQs to lead the merry band of scum).

I use the codex to allow me to play without vehicles, and retain mobility, or to mass out numbers (like in the Damned). I love mutated nasty scum. Chaos is the only codex with these kinds of units. I love that I can convert and make horrible looking things, and they're beautiful in Chaos. What other army will allow me to put tentacles on everything? That's what it's all about for me. The ability to take something really off the top of my head, and make it work in Chaos. The Chaos armory and the vast unit selection allows me to find a way to make literally any and every model I can create or get my hands on into a working part of an army in here.

For me, that's what it's all about. Making it work, with whatever models I please.

The beauty of Chaos is that no matter what you buy, it's not stuck as being one thing. Every marine can be used in so many ways, and with so many marks, veteran skills and options, we can literally create whatever we feel like. Each marine can occupy anything from HQ to Heavy Support in Chaos. We can sculpt them to be what we want. Then tomorrow, be something different. That's my favorite part of Chaos and that's how I build the army. Knowing that whatever I get next, or use, I can always use as something else, any time. Total flexibility. I avoid however things that are not flexible in the army list--like Terminators and specific tanks (like Defilers). These things can only be and do one thing. I avoid them because I don't like being stuck using them as one thing. I feel cheated out of my money when that happens.

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Default Re: Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)

Well, with my W.I.P. LatD I will be going Traitor heavy, using small squads of 6 with heavy & special weapons, almost like an insurgency like strategy. My army is supported by 2 squads of 6 Daemonettes for close combat support, and to provide the killing blow. I will have 2 Obliterators acting as mobile weapon platforms, taking out any enemy Armour or high profile units quickly, as I cannot really rely on my Traitors to kill anything quickly.

My Arch Heretic will run through the enemy lines, attacking squads of lesser enemies, and supported by a meatshield of 10 Traitors. The Traitors accompanying the Arch Heretic will soak up any firepower, and if my Arch Heretic cannot reach C.C, the Traitors at least could throw out some return fire.

I don't actually have this army, I've got my Traitors, Arch Heretic and Chimera but it will be a while before they're finished, so in all effects, I am a newbie to LatD.
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Default Re: Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)

my death generation are sort of all round. at the moment.

i have to many hq's though. a lord, a daemon prince, a whole council of lieutenants, slaanesh, khorne, nurgle [damn the model is sexy], tzeentch and a normal [?] CSM sort of. okay he's morphed into the body of a dead horse that is flaming,like a centaur.

V. few daemons, plague bearers at best, the models for daemons are just to expensive.

large squads of CSM's with assault weapons.

a huge chosen unit that can annihilate all within 36"
I love looking back to yesterday, to see how we performed.
Then, looking to today, and seeing how we've improved.

Unfortunately, looking back to the things posted here, I realised I can now do much better :3

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