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Fast Attack Tactica ( Night Lord followers take note )
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Default Fast Attack Tactica ( Night Lord followers take note )

Although written with the Night Lords in mind this tactica can be applied to
to most Chaos forces. If their is interest in the Night Lords a full tactica
will follow.

Raptors and the Night Lords

Raptors have been synonymous with NL. We have
four spots we can devote to fast attack for
the Night Lords and I like to use at least two
squads of Furies. So lets look at what Raptors
can offer.

- Raptors are twice the cost of regular CSM
- We are using up a fast attack slot for Raptors
- Raptors are fragile. They They should be
fielded in squads of 10 but because of their point
cost they tend to be fielded in squads of 7 or less.
but tend to be expensive for just tying up troops.

- Raptors fly. Moving 12" over terrain is always
a good thing.
- Raptors have Daemonic Visage. Squads in close
combat with them are at -2 to their leadership
for morale tests.
- Raptors the hit-and-run ability. ALWAYS disengage
at the END of your opponent's assault phase. This
allows your Raptors to flee combat, leaving your
opponent in the open to be shot at in your shooting
phase and charged again with your Raptors with +1 attack
in your assault phase.
- Raptors can take up to 3 special weapons
melta-guns for anti-tank
plasma-guns or plasma pistols for Meqs
flamers for hordes and Geqs
- Raptor Aspiring Champs can be outfitted
with Daemonic Talons ( or expensive LCs ).
This means you have a squad member that
can take on Meqs, powerful creatures and
vehicles. This provides great flexibility.

It seems the pros heavily outweigh the cons
but the cons are significant. The cost of Raptors
lends them to be fielded in less then optimum
size. Because they are perceived as a menace
they are prime targets. Opponents will shoot them
down the moment they are exposed and they often do
not survive the whole game. So we need them to
gain back their points. Infiltrate is one of the better
veteran skills they should take. With their fast movement
you are almost guaranteed that your Raptors will see action
early. Tank hunter is also useful if you equip them with
melta-guns or plasma weapons but I prefer Furious charge.
This adds a nice extra punch for cc. Raptors with Mark of
Chaos Undivided can only take one veteran skill. I often
take two with my Night Lords - infiltration and furious
charge. This is expensive so you need to weigh the benefits
carefully and decide if MoCU is the better option for you.
Be aware though that in a Night Lords army, MoCU just isn't

So, hide your Raptors behind other squads ( NL should always
try and work squads in tandem) infiltrated behind terrain.
Use them as surgical knife targeting havo or devestator
squads or taking out dangerous vehicles. Support them with your
other squad as best you can. Do not use them crudely charging
into squads that can be handled by other units.

Furies and the Night Lords

Furies are the only daemons that Night Lords can take
but they are very good daemon for the list. Furies can
tie up ranged specialists in cc for the rest of your
force to deal some damage. They are spearhead squad.
Furies are fast, they're strong and they have a lot of
attacks. However, they are fragile and unstable with a low leadership.
So us them in squads of ten in a Night Lords army - thankfully
they are also cheap. With a good sized squad, the high strength
and initiative of the Furies should help prevent them from taking
too many of these instability tests.

Bikes and Night Lords

Space Marine Bikers are attractive now as a tank-busting squad or
a fast squad for summoning your Furies. They are more resilient
than Raptors. However, small squad sizes and high cost is a factor.
For a full description of their uses see here ...

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Default Re: Fast Attack Tactica ( Night Lord followers take note )

Yes and that IG army will destroy you....

I love looking back to yesterday, to see how we performed.
Then, looking to today, and seeing how we've improved.

Unfortunately, looking back to the things posted here, I realised I can now do much better :3

Here are my step by step tutorials for ease of use
Dreadnought close combat arms
Ig tanks
Ork PowerKlaw
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