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Chaos Bikes
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Default Chaos Bikes

Chaos Bikers

Let us mention from the start that chaos bikes are expensive. We need to determine if they are worth their points. There is always the option of aking Raptors in your fast attack slot and they are a bit less expensive with some very useful abilities as well. Raptors are an assault unit. Furious charge, demonic visage and hit run make them H2H specialists. They are not as tough as turbo-boosted bikes but they are not meant to be left swinging in the wind to be shot at. They should be in combat. Bikes can assault. They can match Raptors in the number of assaults per squad. However, they cannot jump in and out of combat. You can outfit your champion with a powerfist and do well but you can also get bogged down. Bikes are tougher then raptors though. They also have better movement and are much shootier. Used correctly they are a viable choice. Being able to move and then rapid fire is quite nice. Ten bolter shots with a reroll at 12" is a very nice amount of dakka. EC bikers can take sonic blasters.

Use your bikes to fill holes. They can be tooled up as both infantry and tank hunters. Their ability to turbo-boost adds a lot of mobility to static lists and in squad sizes of six they are very resilient and durable. This does not mean you leave them open be shot at by low AP weapons. Boost them in behind cover You also do not want to assault units with power weapons or rending. They are much too expensive to be thrown away this way.
Many chaos players will purchase the skilled riders veteran skill as it often will save your expensive bikers from a bad end. If you are using them as a dedicated tank hunting unit then forgo the frags and skilled rider and
take meltas and tank hunter skill.
So how do we commonly use bikes? Well, we cannot mention bikes without mentioning the daemon bomb. Both Khorne and Slaanesh like to turbo boost their lts. ( usually accompanying a squad a bikes) down table and then unleash the bloodletters or deamonettes and even a GD. Turbo boosted on the first turn yields a squad of T5 models with a 3+ invulnerable save, which is excellent for dropping off daemons. Bikers paired with the ability to summon your dominant daemon type work well.
Daemonic Beasts packs are also just gravy Vs Tau, especially Mounted Daemonettes and Furies. They'll reach enemy lines rapidly and can cause a lot of damage within Tau lines. Take a unit of 5 bikers w/2 melta guns
(insta-death crisis suit or tank bust) and an icon to summon daemons.
You can use bikes in more conventional ways though. They can be a very strong secondary assault unit after firing a volume of shots into a squad and then using the tooled up champion to finish it off. Khorne bikers with axes make a very good squad capable of both shooting and assaulting. You can use your bikers as a plasma tooled tank hunting unit and this can be very effective ( Khorne does not have this option). My wife plays Slaanesh and she loves to use sonic blasters on a squad of six bikers. She can pump out 18 shots a turn. Couple this with their excellent H2H capabilities and you have a strong squad.
Tactically, remember that you can turbo boost your bikes from one flank to another. This allows you to support your foot troops that might want to fold up your opponents weakest flank. Alternatively, turbo them up one flank behind cover and let them eventually get around the back of the enemy deployment zone. This allows you to either tank hunt, draw enemy units out of formation, and confuse his reserves. You can soften up a hard target, destroy a loaded transport, or distract/destroy an enemy tank killer.
The least common way to use bikes is to keep them back to defend a firebase against deepstrikers/assaults. Then at the end of the game turbo out to grab a quarter/objective.
Outfit your bikes appropriately for the task. Plasma can be quite good but it can also backfire. Itís not worth losing a bike over if you can as easily take melta guns. Flamers can also be used to good advantage. Remember that khorne bikes do not get upgrades. The champ can have a PF though.
Be very careful though that if you are using a bike squad to deliver deamons that you have a back up icon in another squad. Just an additional note on flamers vs. meltas ... flamers are cheaper then meltas, ignore cover saves. do not need a roll to hit and cause more wounds. If you have other ways to deal with tanks and terminators, flamers are a solid choice.
Chaos Bikes are much better than loyalist bikes. Slaanesh bikers can put Sonic Blasters on their bikes giving them a good firepower as well as letting the champ swing at (an effective) I5. Khorne bikers have chain axes making them a serious assault threat. Aspiring Champions as squad leader are simply better than Veteran Sergeant, and Chaos Bikers are a nice delivery mechanism for their squad leader or for daemons depending on your play-style. My opponents swear that that my Khorne bikers are more dangerous then a tricked out Daemon Prince. Night Lords also love their bikes. A typical squad consists of 5 Bikes w/ 2x flamer, Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon and Melta Bombs and Furious Charge. This squad is joined by a Chaos Lord w/ Bike, D armour, Lighting Claw, Spiky Bits, D mutation, D strength, Furious Charge, Frag Grenades. Even Chosen bikers work well with Night Lords. Do not that the Mark of Nurgle cannot be applied to bikes.
There is a temptation to make exaggerated squads of bikers. In my Khorne force I once fielded a squad of Chosen all on bikes with a daemon vessal.With daemonic armour, feel no pain and all those chain axes, it
felt like I was playing with two Bloodthirsters. This gets very expensive. Itís tempting though, to turbo- boost and get a 2+ invulnerable save, with any failed save against strength 8 or less getting a 4+ feel no pain save.
You will not take too many casualties from shooting. After the daemons get there, they can carve up marines. Keep them away from powerfists. I've also seen tooled up Chaos Lords w/ Lightning Claw; Master-crafted Weapon; Spiky Bits; Daemonic Mutation; Daemonic Strength; Furious Charge; Chaos Space Marine Bike. These monsters weigh in at about 180 pts but can be very useful HQs.
Here are some simple dos and doníts... Getting into a shooting war with bikes is a loosing proposition against almost anything. If you are winning at it then you are playing against weak lists or armies that are not SAFH.
Las/Plas Marines, Crisis Heavy Tau, or IG will always beat you barring statistical anomalies so run them down.
Chaos bikers excel in close combat against these armies and dropping deamons on them is quite good. Use your mobility to run circles around most close combat armies and happily shoot them to pieces. Always remember though that bikes are still the most effective way to get your opponent's powerfists to pay for themselves.
I could design some deamonbomb lists or Night Lords lists here.
Instead I like the idea of a Chaos White Scars list. It has a nice thematic
feel to it.

For HQs we simply take an Undivided Biker Lord tooled up as points allow.

For Elites I would take marked units of bikers. Depending on your play style
these would be Khorne or Slaanesh ( I think I might go Khorne myself). Two units
would be nice. You could give your HQ a Chosen biker retinue as well.

For troops we could use a squads of Deamonettes or Bloodletters. These will get into cc quickly.

For Fast attack we can a few more squads of Undivided bikers.

Any extra points can be used for a few Predators.

This list will be highly mobile, capable of taking on tanks and troops, have multiple icons and lots of scoring units. Now small squads of bikers can be fragile but used in tandem they can fold flanks quite nicely. You should be able to claim objectives at the end game easily.

There are two common vet skills taken for bikers ... either skilled riders or tank hunter. This is dependent on your weapon load out and terrain requirements.

Comments and criticisms welcomed ...
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Default Re: Chaos Bikes


Fantastic. +1 karma for your efforts. I'd like to link this into our emerging "Tactica: Noise Marine" in the slanneshi cult thread if you don't mind.

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