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Obliterator Cult
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Default Obliterator Cult

Obliterators are mysterious, warped Chaos Marines. They have become an amalgam of Chaos Marine, daemon and heavy armor, and bear the ability to transform their bodies to form powerful weapons, making them walking gun platforms. The Iron Warriors Legion has a special relationship with the
Obliterator Cult, and Obliterators are more commonly seen in an Iron Warriors army than in other Chaos Marine armies.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

“Marine and armour become one entity, growing down the centuries into hulking, weirdly baroque leviathans able to spew death at their enemies. Obliterators are no longer even Chaos Space marines instead they are an amalgam of Marine, Daemon and Armour, each part inseparable from the rest.”

So when and how many Obliterators do I take? First, you cannot run a cult army with Obliterators. They cannot take marks. They are useful in Undivided armies and in LatD. Here they provide some very useful
support and a couple at 1500 points is quite a nice addition. Now, I love the idea of two or three Obliterators in a World Bearers army. Backed up by a predator and some devestators in your heavy slots, they
allow your marines and deamons to get up close for some great H2H assaults.

Of course, its the Iron Warriors that make the most use of the Obliterator Cult. Unlike other armies they are not restricted to one squad. They can take up to nine of these monsters. A typical 1500 point IW list might sport as many as nine but commonly only four or five are used in three seperate squads. I have never felt the need for more than two Oblits
in an Undivided force or four in an IW. Once your Obliterators remove their prime target they are just an expensive point sink. Know what you want to do with them at the start of game. Once the targets are eliminated use them as backup firepower. Feel free to use the nine Obliterator list with four heavy support options. At seventy points each its feasible in
larger lists. At 1500 points, you have put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. I would prefer four obliterators. a basilisk, two squads of devestators and a predator.

Obliterators have the ability to morph any weapon you need, when you need it. As well the Obliterator cult is immune to maorale and pinning tests. You need to destroy them as they never fall back and will fire their weapons or wade into combat until the battle's over. However its the weapons that they have that make them as flexible a unit as you can get. Add the ability to deepstike behind tanks or onto a weak flank and they just get better. Of course, deepstriking is not always
your best option as it cuts off your obliterators from the rest of your force. There are armies though that you will want to deepstrike against to knock out Heavy weapon squads and tanks.

Before we get carried away we need to note some of their weaknesses as well. Obliterators are slow and purposeful.They do not move up table quickly. Thus they are best employed as a mobile or deepstriking fire support unit. They are also deamonkin, so they are suseptible to Inquisitiors and Grey Knights. Just keep them back in those instances.

When discussing the usefulness of Obliterator weapons we have two categories, distance and close range.

Let's start with the long range weaponry of the Obliterators. The Lascannon is great for long range tank hunting or killing monstrous creatures. Heavy Bolter and Autocannon or good for taking down hordes and infantry. What is so good about these weapons are their
various ranges. We can use the Autocannon at longer ranges and switch to the Heavy Bolter for more dakka as we close in. The Frag Missile is my least favorite option but never mind
... on to close range weaponry.

Twin-Linked Plasmaguns are my terminator killers and useful against any well armoured unit. Obliterators are slow and purposeful. You can deep strike or move and fire all your shots. Of course you could just use your meltaguns on tanks and terminators if you choose to. The twin-Meltaguns are the close range tank busting solution. If you can get close enough it is your best character killing weapon as well. If you get close enough and you want to roast some troops in cover the Flamer is best.
Otherwise you have more dakka with your HBs. The Obliterators have high strength Power Fists. But they assault last with just a few attacks. Thery are easy to hold up in combat. They are best used in support of other squads. It's toughness 4(5) with 2 wounds and 2 attacks at I1,
ensure that marines WILL kill it. Even guard can kill an Oblit if they have a commie.

Now as tough as Obliterators are there are armies that will have few problems picking them apart. Railguns, Starcannons, etc., will take them down. Plasma and melta are not their friend. Get enough rending attacks against them and thir invulnerable save won't keep them alive forever.
So think about using cover and holding them back when necessary. Don't make them the only target for your opponents heavy weapons. oblits are best used as "snipers" morphing big guns to blow up
enemy vehicles or shoot at expensive enemy units like terminators and heavy weapon squads. Obliterators are able to morph a variety of weapons for their disposal to use each turn if desired. This makes them
extremely valuable as they offer many tactical uses during a fire-fight. They are not designed for assault.
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Default Re: Obliterator Cult

Nice work
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Default Re: Obliterator Cult


Looks pretty familiar to this:


Ahh well, more information is always a plus.

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Default Re: Obliterator Cult

I felt it needed some clarification. I have found myself using them in different roles lately and have become more aware of their weaknesses.
I try never to use them as a H2H squad and have lately been holding them back a bit as longe range fire support morphing to plasma and melta only when targets get closer as oppossed to DSing them as much. A lascannon can still take a tank out and held back they get shots at Dsing Termies with their meltas and plasmas. Of course against hordes you need to let the hordes come to you so you can get as much Autocannon and HB shots in as possible. I also found that World Bearers are a really good army to support Obliterators. I had used Alpha Legion and cultists but I find the WB really are a good balanced force. Of course, I'm not dismissing IW.
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Default Re: Obliterator Cult

nicely done.
i'm glad you focused on their weaknesses as well
And that's a penetrating hit to the rear. ... giggity!

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