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Chaos Quiz
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Default Chaos Quiz

We, the Competition Committee have released a new quiz. Opening date is today (May 28th '06) and will last for a week (ending une 4th) at which time we'll post a list of who entered and the scores you got .

Full marks gets you +1 karma.

[size=12pt]Quiz has now finished.[/size]


[size=15pt]Easy Questions[/size]
1. Who was the Primarch of the World Eaters?
2. What is the strength of the reaper autocannon?
3. How many Black Crusades have Abaddon launched into the Imperium?
4. How many Chosen are allowed in a 4,000 point army?
5. What is the strength of an Aspiring Champion on the turn they charge if they have a power fist, daemonic strength and furious charge?
6. Who disdains the use of Thrall Wizards?
7. Which God(s) follower's can take Bolt of Change?
8. Can Chaos take Combi-plasmas?
9. What is the chance that somebody will contract Nurgle's rot?
10. Who bears the "Rubic" sign?

[size=15pt]Hard Questions[/size]
11. Which famous weapon uses components aqquired from Luther Mcintyre?
12. What is the name of Abaddon's most trusted Sorcerer?
13. Which Daemon Prince resides upon a planet that has a black sun visible in a white sky, above a black city?
14. What is N'Kari?
15. Who draws power from martial pride?

Edit: Quiz Questions created by FT and Restavyien.
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