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BATTLE REPORT: Medusa's First Blood
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Default BATTLE REPORT: Medusa's First Blood

I made this for the MedusaV campain, took pics during a game today with my KHORNE!

Their vessel was destroyed, engines burning. It was going down. The Tau had got a direct hit.

It crash landed. The few survivors searched for foes, on the way to Ygethmor for reinforcements. Krimnox was thirsty for blood.

"Forces of Chaos, spotted north of our location!" Chapter master Druss called to his comrades. This Ultramarine force was in serious danger. "Take positions!"


World Eaters and Ultramarines


Armies deployed. 500 pts. Ultramarines go first.

Druss turn 1:

Druss and his small force move forward into cover, taking firing positions.

Krimnox turn 1:

Krimnox and his retinue run forth, in search of their prey.

Druss turn 2:

Druss and his force gain high ground, and take aim, yet they are too far away to hit.

Krimnox turn 2:

The frothing madmen rush the Ultramarines. One squad gets blood fury, and charges.

Several are slain
Krimnox's retinue fires several bolt pistol shots, but none wound.

Druss turn 3:

The Space Marines, knowing that if they don't act fast, they're going to get charged, move forward, along with Scouts. The marines fire off a few rounds, the other group counter-attacks, and they charge in...

Krimnox turn 3:

The frothing World Eaters cause severe damage. The reving of chain weapons could be heard throughout, and the splatter of blood....constant. Krimnox the Destroyer....destroyed.

Druss turn 4:

Chapter Master Druss, charges!
Seeing his brothers in trouble, Druss decides to charge, with his scouts not far behind.
He rushes the Khorne, hoping for the best.

Many Khorne die, and aswell the Ultramarines. The screams of the battle were heard many miles away, and the souls, damned.

Krimnox turn 4:

Krimnox's retinue was vanquished. His terminator armour has suffered heavily, and was in need of assistance.

Though, the Khorne which were not in Krimnox's retinue, were doing very well, and succeeding in gathering skulls!

After destroying what was left of some weak Space marines, the Khorne sweep advance, and run to the aid of their Lord, and they crave blood.

Druss turn 5:

Druss is desperatly making swings and fending off the World Eater's blows. He needs reinforcements fast, and calls to his remaining brothers.
Scouts rush to his aid, but sadly are too late...
Druss blocked an attack by Krimnox, holding his axe out horizontally. The lightning claw, unfortunatly for him cut the axe... The blazing green knives drove into the armour of Druss. "Brothers.... Avenge me!"

Krimnox turn 5:
Krimnox pulled out his blood-smeared claw from the lifeless corpse.

Reacting quickly, he fended off some attacks from the weak scouts, replying with a swift sweep of his claw, destroying the four scouts. His Berzerkers behind him, aiding along the way.

One frightened man remained. Twas his doom.

Krimnox took his head off with ease.

Thanks for reading. This small project took ages, but the game did not. I won, glorified in a shower of blood. If you want me to put up the lists I can if it is needed. My Khorne had many gifts.

Watch my videos Here
Anyone in southern UK want to have a battle for MedusaV? Message me!

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Default Re: BATTLE REPORT: Medusa's First Blood

Hey man,

Interesting game and thanks for sharing the report! It would be nice to see the lists involved; as well as the kind of game you played (ie: mission or not?). Because from first look it looked like a combat patrol, but possibly was much more I assume (due to seeing a 2+ saving terminator for example).

Anyhow; I applaud you for sharing!

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Default Re: BATTLE REPORT: Medusa's First Blood

Thanks Mal! I'll have the list up Asap. As for now, It was just a 500 pt game. My Lord is in Termy armour, is all. It was just a "Kill All" Game.

I'll post more later. Thanks again!

Edit: Lists.


Krimnox: Lord, Combi-Flamer, Lightning Claw, Termy Armour, Daemonic Essence, Daemonic Resilence, Daemonic Mutation, Daemonic Strength, Furious Charge, Feel No Pain, Talisman of Burning Blood, 162 pts.
Retinue of 5 Zerkers.

Another Squad. 7 zerkers with one of them an Asp. Champ. He had Talisman of Burning Blood, and Rage of Khorne.

My sheet isnt that clear, what I wrote on, but all that added together was 494 pts. Also, 6 chainaxes.

I'm not sure about my friend, but he had a squad of 8 SM, 7 SM, and 5 Scouts and his Commander: Druss. He had some heavy bolters in there...
He had a retinue of
Watch my videos Here
Anyone in southern UK want to have a battle for MedusaV? Message me!

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