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to all you traitors out there
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Default to all you traitors out there

following on from a locked topic, which force of chaos do you collect(and yess that is also the undivided ones) and why. ;D
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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

I collect Night Lords and Khorne.

I started with khorne purely because i thought they looked and sounded cool. I then found that they wernt that great and started colecting....

Night lords. I collect them now because I am in love with Raptors. The hit and run rule is cool as. And then i can give my guys lascannons and the such. And rhino's so my guys wont just jump out.

Hope this is good. I'd like to see other peoples reasons to why they collect The Chaos legion. It seems in the forum that the main is Alpha Legion.

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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

yeeaah boy Night Lords!!
way to go Cvs! heh..

Yeah, so I collect Night lord space marines. Why?
1. I love their fluff, they are "Masters of Fear" and "lord sof the night". They cause terror to everyone and such, its cool.
2. Stealth Adept is awesome, same with their night vision rule. + 1 cover save can be really useful in a certain spot.
3. The paint scheme is awesome, Regal blue with gold and a hint of blood red. Awesome.
4. RAPTORS!!! like Cvs said, Raptors are awesome, and with their extension for raptors and the Fast attack choices. the raptor models are awesome and the hit and run rule is really nice.

I'm planning to start Slaneesh (without Daemons...odd) and maybe even Alpha Legion.
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Armies I'd like to start next:
Imperial Guard
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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

Originally Posted by chrissi3
following on from a locked topic, which force of chaos do you collect(and yess that is also the undivided ones) and why. ;D
I collect the Lost and the Damned as the main force.

Of this, I also have branches of each legion and each cult. That way, my Damned are fueled and allied with whatever I would like them to be. It's a way to have a pure or undivided approach to a true chaos army, not based on power armor, but based on what the fabric of chaos in this world is based on---traitors, scum, mutants, heresy, etc.

I also collect the Damned, because I played all the cults & legions prior to the Damned and ended up there, since "anything goes" with them. I also love the infinite modeling opportunities and the ability to have a new army every day just by moving models around.

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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

I play Black Legion usually, but geared towards a certain legion. For example, a Black Legion army with heavy Nurgle presence.

I usually switch between the legions because I like having the diversity, and its fun using different units and changing around my play style.

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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

I play all four cult armies... Although I've only started collecting new armies (my old Khorne and Nurgle were getting a little old and battered), they'll be mighty armies when their finished. I've posted the reasons below:

Lord Arnells Minions, aka, the Blood Wind
These Khorne fanatics I find quite straightforward to play and I like their fluff (obviously cause I wrote it lol), but I also like the fluff to Khorne as well. I find Khorne's ideals the most easy to grasp and enjoy the blood visceral humour that you can apply to his followers being nothing more then frothing mad men who just want to kill anything insight.

Lord Adual's Thousand Sons, aka, the Changing Wind
These Tzeentchian cult followers are typical Thousand Sons, shooty and slow, which I find an appealing alternative to the charge in and slay approach my Khorne army uses.

Lord Damius' Plague Marines, aka, the Plague Wind
Pretty much the same giuse as the Khorne, although my Nurgle army does it in a more methodical manor and I typically field the Nurgle army when I expect heavy enemy troop concentrations and where the advantages of Nurgle's gifts can be felt the most. As for the fluff, perhaps this is the one that strays the most from the norm for most Nurgle armies, in that the army is based around half a Chapter of Space Marines that have succombed to a terrible plague that was given to Lord Damius by the Grandfather himself.

Canoness Gemiel's Slaaneshi Followers, aka, the Pleasure Wind
Gemiel and her forces are the exact middle ground between the two polar opposites, Khorne and Tzeentch. Her forces are typical of most Slaaneshi armies, using short to mid range firepower whilst moving in for the kill with a devastating charge. Indeed, it is Gemiels forces that I find the most tactically challenging to play, since they lack the straight forward hack and slash of Khorne, or the sheer toughness of either Nurgle or Tzeentch.
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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

Well i have two forces... Alpha legion and Slannesh

Lord Kashel of the Eye Of Pain- Alpha legion strike force
Alpha legion appealed to me as a great and potent force. The ability to infiltrate for almost nothing and pack two special weapons into each squad...

As for slaanesh... i just had a love for deamonettes :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

Khorne and im going to verse meat hordes tommorrow a.k.a imp.guard parkspaz and i are using counts as rules.

Sorry for the second post i didn't finsh i pressed the post button accidentally.

But any way back on topic the reason I play khorne cause I love close combat and fluff well there fluff is pretty awesome especially kharn the betrayer I don't know if anyones noticed but kharn is a daemon prince (fluff wise) cause he was resurrected and loading 5 attacks per model with 8 models all with in 2' inches. that hurts! That hurts lots, lots of lots.

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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

I have two chaos armies

Lost and the Damned Nurgle
- I play these guys 'cause I want Russes, Bassies, Sentinels, Rough Riders and
Hellhounds. Why should guard have all the fun. Also you get to be very creative with your conversions ( rough riders on mutated lizards ). i do find that tactically they arehe toughest Chaos army to master as the lists are so flexible that I'm constantly adding and subtracting from it - I have a good deal of IG traitor guards and mutants.

Khorne Deamonbomb and Khorne
- You gotta love their one mindedness. I do play Kharne occasionally. I load him alone in a rhino and use itfor cover while Kharne assaults anythin in sight. I flank with my bikes ( chaos bikes rock ) and sometimes use chosen and possessed. My Asps all ride juggernaughts. When I play deamonbomb its Thirster, letters and bikers only. Blood for the Blood God, baby. I get slaughtered or I massacre - Khorne just gets rolled or does the rolling. I find I relax more playing Khorne - their tactics are pretty transparent.
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Default Re: to all you traitors out there

I´m starting up an army of pre-heresy renegade marines that turned to piracy (not the CD-burning kind). The reason why I chose to go with this instead of the semi-identical "Red crosairs" is that with pre-heresy I can make them look ancient and seeing as how they´ve been raiding and pillaging for 10.000 years I can personalize each and everyone of them with weird, antique and unique equipment.

I LOVE modelling ;D

You can find their WIP fluff here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=22502.0
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