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Need a competitive CSM army to play Tau...
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Default Need a competitive CSM army to play Tau...

Hi I recently got into 40K and play Tau.

I am trying to get my brother into the game and want to teach him how the basics. A friend of mine has given me the CSM part of his Dark Vengeance set along with a Dark Apostle. He also gave me 12 Space wolf SM & 3 space wolf HQ's and a dreadnaught. I want to put together a competitive list for my brother using the wolf models as proxies for other CSM models. I'm also happy to proxy any of the other CSM models he has. I'm also happy to proxy in rhinos using boxes or something, I just want him to have a good list that will teach him the game and will also be able to give him as good a chance of winning as me.

I have only just got the hang of my Tau (kind of) and reading through the Chaos codex I found it quite complicated, not the rules but just the level of choice with different marks and things.

If someone could recommend me a 1000pt list to play against my Tau using as much of the DV models as possible with whatever proxies needed I could print out a battle scribe list and i think that would really help with the learning process.

My list is as follows.....

(Farsight Enclave)

Commander: Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, 2 x Shield Drone

Riptide: Earth Caste Pilot Array, Ion Accelerator, TL Smart missile system

Firewarrior Team (x10) : Bonding Ritual + Deilfish: Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod, TL Smart missile System

XV8 Crisis Team (x3): Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle - each, 2 x shield drones

Fast Attack
Pathfinder Team(x5): Bonding knife

Pathfinder Team(x5): Bonding knife

Heavy Support
Hammerhead Gunship: Disruption Pod, Railgun w/submunitions, TL Smart Missile Systems


Any advice??

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