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What are the current most comeptitive Chaos Space Marine army builds?
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Default What are the current most comeptitive Chaos Space Marine army builds?

What are all the current most competitive builds for chaos space marines?

I'm trying to build up a comptitive list from the stuff I own.
I'm assuming that double lash princes with 2 or 3 demolishers are still at the top of the chaos competitive lists or has that been completely neutered by the advent of vehicle heavy armies?

I havent played CSM in like a year so please do post any knowledge you may have

This is what i currently own (not planning on buying new stuff)

1 Abaddon the Despoiler
1 Ahriman
2 Aspiring Sorcerer
2 Chaos Lord
1 Chaos Lord
1 Chaos Lord - Jump Pack
95 Chaos Space Marines
55 Chaos Space Marines - Close Combat Weapon
8 Chaos Space Marines - Plasma gun
5 Chaos Space Marines - Meltagun
5 Chaos Space Marines - Flamer
9 Chaos Space Marines - Heavy Bolter
5 Chaos Space Marines - Lascannon
8 Aspiring Champion
1 Chaos Terminator Sorcerer
2 Daemon Prince
1 Fabius Bile
1 Huron Blackheart
1 Kharn the Betrayer
36 Khorne Berzerkers
32 Khorne Berzerkers
4 Skull Champion
1 Lucius the Eternal
3 Obliterators
7 Plague Marines
5 Plague Marines
1 Plague Marines - Plasma gun
1 Plague Champion
2 Predator
6 Rhino
20 Terminator
16 Thousand Sons
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