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Why hate the tau?
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Kroot Warrior
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Question Why hate the tau?

I don't play the tau myself but ive been hearing lots of comments about how tau players are all stubborn and that tau are the worst race of all.
One of my friends plays tau and he's not stubborn with his gaming

So what's up?

Take the poll as well as leaving a message

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Kroot Warrior
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Tau are one of the least supported races along with Necrons and SoB, but thats because of how old the codex is.

They are now quite tactically inflexible having very few reliable builds beyond alot of Crisis suits and Railguns.

Their only saving grace is simply that people dont know how to fight them anymore.
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Kroot Shaper
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I doubt ALL Tau players are stubborn. All Dark Eldar players are power gamers though, that is a fact .
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Default Stubborn

Well my wife can tell you I am stubborn. But has no relation to me choosing the tau. I saw playing them as a challage since the consensus for tau was fourth addition is awful and hard to use.

Like NY, if you can make it there you can make it anywhere (play tau and you can play anything).

But like any game there are different balances. If you like close combat groups(nynds), your ranged combat, or a little both (any marine army). Tau were the all long range combat choice. It now seems like they are trying to make them the stick and move choice. I like'em!
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