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Diary of an Imperial Guardsman
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Day 16: back in the saddle

Maria my love I'm sure we will read the last couple days entrys together and laugh when I get home. The Commissars and their brandy are not nice to one's mental state. Kittens? How drunk did I get. Anyway we are back in the saddle again today. We are pressing forward to support my old unit, who moved out yesterday afternoon. Apparently they have encountered a significant enemy force and we are rolling out for 8 to 10 hours to reach the new staging area. A "significant enemy force". Maria i have made it so far I pray the Emperor protects and that I shall make it yet another day to write you again or better yet, make it home to hold you again. Farewell for now my loving Maria, I will write again soon.
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Day 17: Setting the defense

From what we have been told there is some serious fighting taking place up ahead Maria so I'm taking the chance to write while I can. My old regiment has been reinforced by another regiment rolling in who got there before us so we have been tasked with forming up and digging in a defensive perimeter along the Winden river and the town of Paryul. Basilisks are being dug in a couple miles back and we are establishing riverside entranchments in case the forward positions don't hold. The fact we are setting a defensive in itself says how much has gone wrong up front my love, command never sets hard defensives on an offensive like this. Rumor mil has it that even a detachment of Space Marines have pushed forward to assist in the offensive. Hopefully my love things will turn out better than expected and we shall soon be moving up again. Well we are done with our fighting line and I'm taking most of the guys to help the heavy weapons crews get dug in. I shall write you again later my love.
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Day 18: Angels of Death

The early reports of a Space Marine Battle Barge in the area were true. As I was sitting in my bunk inside the barracks going over the inventory list of 1st squad I heard a sound of some kind of engine whining off in the distance that I never did before. They weren't Valkyries or any other sort of Navy vessel. And they were not any kind of incoming transport that I was use to hearing the past few weeks. The sound of the engines were getting closer so I grabbed my chainsword and rushed outside thinking it was an enemy vessel screaming in on a strafing run. In the distance overhead I saw the outline of two Angel's of Death transports incoming to our encampment! They were completely black all over with a giant size white cross on the sides. Their underbellies were holding two of the Space Marine personnel troop carriers each (I believe they are called Rhinos). All six of the Angels of Death vehicles had what looked like white streaks and red small dots on them, but as it passed directly overhead I could make out that the white streaks were words of some kind and the red dots where some kind of award plastered on the hulls. The transports slowed and started to descend into a staging area not to far from the encampment we are currently in.

Never seeing an actually Space Marine in my life I can only tell you that the emotions inside of me ran wild. Excited to see an actual Angel of Death for sure. But then reality hit because I knew that if the Space Marines where sent here it was not for a good reason and serious battles await us in the near future.

I knew that all regiment command and NCO's were going to be debriefed after the Space Marines arrival so I went back into my barracks and started to make myself look as presentable as possible if I were to come in contact with the Space Marines. Maria, you always told me you loved a man in uniform. I only wished I had some honor drabs to change into. I'll just have to do with these battle field bdu's.

Maria, I hope that their being here is a blessing from the Emperor and not the so called "Angels of Death" to all of us. Know what I mean?

With the deepest love for you and anticipation of what lays ahead.
"While the races of the galaxy tear one another apart, the Tau grow stronger and stronger." Ummm, not until they get a new codex.
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Day 19:

Maria what I had feared was worse than I thought possible. How bad what is coming must be for what has transpired to be transpiring. We were formed up to receive the briefing from the Angels when they came strolling in in their armor. Never have I seen such an impressive yet terrifying sight Maria. If warriors such as those are even bothering to speak with us, much less work with us, they are truly the Angels of Death.

Brief us they did too in more ways than we could have imagined. First we were praised for our valor to date but then came the sickening thing. Not only was the warp unexplainable expanding and seeping into this system and onto this planet releasing daemons from the warp but five seperate space marine traitor chapters, some numbering but a few dozen by estimates but others possibly a thousand strong were suspected to have arrived on planet. The space marine did not even seem bothered or thinking twice of what he said as he declared to us all "Against such forces all of us combined can put up a valiant fight and slaughter hordes of such enemies but we all and this planet shall fall. Thus rather than further divide our force we have ceased our battles with a not so insideous foe that we may work together to give us all a chance of victory." With that he signalled to the side of the platform where none of us had been watching and we all nearly came out of our skins, many started to reach for weapons as three xenos warriors in some fashion of stealth suits dropped their stealth and became visible to us all. Not much larger than a man but far bulkier 2 carried some kind of multi barrelled weapons on their right arm while the third had what appeared to be a fusion or plasma style weapon. The worst part being that the third one scanned across us and stopped to to look directly in my direction. Then one stepped forth and set some device on the ground. Beeping and whirling for a moment it took less than a minute for a long, wingless ship to come in overhead. Leaping from its tail three of them came to ground and I knew who they were. Those were crisis suits and they were Tau. How could the Space Marines, the Emperor's greatest light and hope for humanity expect us to fight alongside xenos such as those. They landed though and that was just what he explained, how we were to be working with the xenos Tau in joint operations to face down and overcome a greater mutual enemy, save the planet and then the system. The worst part of the whole thing, that one "stealth suit" with the heavier gun kept looking back at me.

After that my dear Maria it just got stranger as they began moving in to join/link up with us. Their "kroot troops" smelled something horrible and eat anything not wanted and thrown aside, they are like mobile trash cans. We also received a class after lunch in something they call "marker lights". Their stealth leaders and scouts carry them and we learned what to watch for so that even if we cant see an opponent and can't pick up their "markers" on our equipment that should we see it riding on something to know the difference between a solid beem or a blinking pattern on whether or not to fire and how to fire around the point of the "marker".

There are more classes this afternoon and tonight maria. I find it hard to believe we will be doing this but I guess if the Angels feel it will be the difference between our deaths and defeat or the deaths and defeat of the daemons and chaos marines we must do as we must do and pray for the emperor's forgiveness. more later my Maria, for now, I love you.
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