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The Mont'yr - The founding (my army Background)
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Default The Mont'yr - The founding (my army Background)

The Mont'yr - The founding
During The Early second phase expansion the warriors of Tau captured a planet (that became known as Vun’il) from Imperial control, The Cadre that captured it were delighted and claimed it as there home world, and repainted there armour grey after its Rocky surface. The Settlements began to grow and the citizens fuelled the army of Vun’il, the planet had breathtaking scenery and long hot summers. Despite this it was quite a lonely, isolated little planet with not much importance.

It was all going smoothly for the Tau of Vun’il until an economic meltdown that left many citizens with food or clothes, and to increase the pressure, Orks, began raids on the world. Things were going badly until Shas’el greysword and the ethereal Aun’el greatword arrived. Shas’el was a skilled warrior in all types of warfare and swiftly dealt with the Orks without mercy, Aun’el greatword rebuilt the economy. The people of Vun’il were “forever grateful” and Made Shas’el greysword the leader of the fire caste of Vun’il, and Aun’el the planetary governor. However, things were about to change…

After many years of harmony on Vun’il, for unknown reasons, The Ultramarines chapter attacked the planet. Shas’O greysword (now a commander) was well prepared to defend his home world, when, in a devious act of war, the Space marines captured Aun’el greatword whom the Vun’il tau loved and trusted. The Humans offered to release the Ethereal if they surrendered the planet. Commander farsight (at the time high commander of the fire caste) ordered the Vun’il warriors to cease all fighting until the water caste could negotiate a treaty. Shas’O greysword could see that it would not work, and so could many others.

The people of Vun’il loved there ethereal, for he had helped save them, but for Shas’O greysword he was a friend. So he rallied all the forces under his control, and against the orders of Commander farsight, launched a bloody assault upon the human forces. Terribly fighting erupted across the planet’s surface both sides sustaining high casualties; Commander farsight was furious and could do nothing to stop them. The warriors of Vun’il surged forward like an unstoppable force and managed to recapture their beloved Ethereal.

There was a great parade in the Planet’s capital for all to see, crowds gathered to watch there warriors (the ones who were evacuated early on the fighting watched through camera drones) march through the city, there armour red with dried blood. But all fell silent when Commander farsight landed on the planet’s surface. He went up to Shas’O greysword and demanded to know his reason for treason to the empire and the greater good.
Shas’O greysword stood before the crowd and shouted: “Greater good? I care not for the greater good! I did this for my people, and my world not out of personal gain! You can exile me but I have many warriors who did also commit treason, would you exile all of them as well?”

Unfortunately, for the Tau, The humans were humiliated and defeated. So in one last act of defiance they launched one last assault, which destroyed the planet. The Vun’il warriors were so enraged by this they completely annihilated the human’s fleet, one ship managed to escape.

Commander Farsight did punish Shas’O greysword and his warriors. From then on warriors from any sept that proved themselves in combat but lacked discipline were sent to Shas’O greysword’s army, to be hardened and disciplined. The army were renamed the Mont’yr after all the blood that had been spilt and repainted their armour blood red. Shas’O greysword was renamed Shas’O dag’un (which in tau language means: “defiance”)

Today the mont’yr move around the empire going where there skill in needed keeping all personal ambition to themselves thinking of the good of the cadre.

“We will fight for the empire until all the wars are won and we no longer suffer eternal shame. I still dream of those glorious mountains and high peaks that was once my homeworld, for it is alive only in the minds of the mont’yr now, and it always will be.”
– Shas’O Dag’un Leader of the mont’yr currently stationed in the Tau’n sept.
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