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Eldar Sting (Pathfinder Part III)
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Default Eldar Sting (Pathfinder Part III)

History does not move in a straight line. It swirls and changes, looping through familiar tracks again and again. This is why the same joys, same sorrows, same feats and same tragedies repeat constantly across space and time. It is our blessing that we Seers have gift enough to see these swirling repeats, and alter them so the fate of our race can flow to its true and proper destination...
-Farseer Yilona of Ko'Shanniah

History repeats, that much they knew.

It was that fact that had brought them here once more, destined to face and destroy those who would defile their world. Meoshiem watched the flaring engines of the crude, bulky transport as it descended, and at a though the wraith-matrix of his suit made a link to the Infinity Circuit, requesting any information on these vessels.

Several replies came, both from fleet and ground forces. They were a race known as the Tau, a race that had been encountered once before, about a month ago, and used as a breakwater upon which to smash the Ork hoards. Not an enemy... not yet, but no ally either.

The though-voice of Farseer Delphan drifted into the minds of the Scorpion Guard, advising caution on their part. Until the true intent and strength of the Tau had been revealed, no action was to be taken. The Eldar warriors obeyed, and slunk deeper into the thick green foliage surrounding them.

* * *
Shas'Ui Tau'N Visk advanced with caution, as if expecting an ambush.
"Relax," Pathfinder Ui'Caj remarked, "there's nothing here but ruins. Orbital survey drones checked this world out... no intelligent life."
Ui'Visk closed his eyes, and watched again the nightmare deaths of his comrades. He could still see La'Xin swelling up, screaming in pain before his body exploded in a cloud of acidic blood... seeing the Crisis Suits torn apart by a shimmering ghost, feeling the heat of the flames as his own transport exploded and blasted him into unconciousness...
"That's what they said last time, Ui'Caj, and I was the only one to survive that mission."

One of the Fio caste called out from up ahead. They had found the ruins they wished to inspect.

Ui'Visk saw them, and screamed.

"What is it!? Ui'Visk calm down! What is wrong!?"
"The ghost warriors!" he screamed, "the ones who destroyed my Cadre! This is one of their worlds! They'll kill us all! Let me go Ui'Caj! Please, let me go! We've got to get out of here now!"
The Pathfinder looked around, unsure of what to do. He turned to Shas'El Vior'La Kauyon, hoping the commander would be able to help.
"Ui'Visk," El'Kauyon said softly, "I know how terrible it must have been for you to witness such losses, but you are a Shas'Ui, and I cannot have you panicking over an enemy that does not exist. There is no enemy here, and until there is, you must be calm."
Ui'Visk paused, then nodded.
"Thankyou. To be sure of our safety, I will double the gundrone patrol, and assign firewarriors to compliment them."
Ui'Visk nodded again, "Shas'El, I request to be a member of the patrol."
"Of course."
Pausing briefly, as if unsure of what to do next, Ui'Visk headed off to search the woodland around the camp, unable to even look at the ominous form of the Eldar Webway Portal...

* * *
The creatures were camped around the Gate of Falcons, eager to steal the secrets of the Eldar.

Meoshiem transmitted his sight-image to the Craftworld, and immediately, discussion began as to the proper course of action. Reih'nal would almost certainly declare Autarchy, and launch a campaign against them. A feeling of sorrow flickered for a heartbeat in the Scorpion Guard's heart, knowing that the path Reih'nal was both admirable and terrible at the same time. To become an Exarch made him both a hero and a loss to the Eldar race, but to submit to the role of Autarch, and as frequently as he did, was enough to bring feelings of mourning to even the most battle-hardened heart.

It took an hour for the Council to decide. The Farseers saw no value in combat, and instead had chosen to confront the Tau and persuade them to leave diplomatically. There were some feelings of concern carried by the psychic transmission, suggesting not all the spirits in the Infinity Matrix trusted the decision... or the future was not entirely clear. A few moments later, Farseer Yinola announced that herself and Reih'nal, in his role as Exarch, would come to the world with a warhost. Contact was made with the nearby Eldar Corsairs, and they too were convinced to join the host, ensuring orbital superiority should battle be needed.

All the Scorpion Guard had to do now was wait...

* * *
Ui'Visk dropped his heavy helmet, and collapsed into his cot. He was exhausted. All the time he was patrolling fears assailed him, and he expected to die at any moment to some terrible alien weapon, or be diced apart by the dancing figures of light... and he was certain he'd seen figures in the trees, green-armoured creatures that disappeared before he could take a second glance. He would have explored further, but he was too terrified to move away from the perimeter-drones.

Orks he could deal with. He wished it was only Orks he had to fight... Orks that charged and roared and died... and never, ever appeared from nowhere to kill an entire Cadre.

There was a drop in pressure, and a taste of electricity. Ui'Visk felt terror fill him again, and donned his armour once more. Grabbing his weapon, he stepped out into the sunlight, and stared in mute fear at the active portal. He turned and ran, to filled with fright to even consider his comrades. He ran to the trees, and stumbled through a thicket, tripped, and landed on top of a Scorpion Guard.

Instantly he was grabbed from behind, and hurled to the ground. The Eldar did not attack further, instead surrounding the prone Tau, waiting to see what he did next. Ui'Visk could see his weapon just inches away, but he knew to reach for it meant death. With nothing else to do, he let blind panic take over.
"Please don't kill me! We didn't know it was your world! It was a mistake! Please, just let us leave!"
The armoured figures said nothing. Finally, one of the warriors knelt down and stared into Ui'Visk's eyes.
"You have seen one of our portals before?"
"You were attacked by the Harlequins, and yet you survived?"
"I don't know what you call them, but I was the only survivor."
There was another silence, but Ui'Visk was sure his captors were communicating with each other via comm-links.
"Then it seems," the crouched warrior said eventually, "that fate has spared you. If the Harlequins did not wish you dead, then perhaps you have a greater roll to play... and it is not our place to question them."
the Scorpion Guard pulled back, vanishing into the forest. Ui'Visk waited an hour before grabbing his rifle and sprinting back to the camp.

* * *
Ui'Visk returned, and saw the camp was packing up. El'Kauyon saw him, and approached.
"There you are. It seems that we have stumbled upon a portal of some kind, belong to the Eldar. We have decided to leave this world, and continue our explorations elsewhere..."
There was a pause, and a gentle click as the Shas'El switched to intercom.
"They are the same warriors who fought on Dal'Kos. I don't know if they are friend or enemy, but Kor'O'Shi has reported The Kindred and her fleet have entered the system. Frankly, he'd rather not battle the Eldar again, considering what happened the last time... and what happened to your Cadre."
"Sir... next time the Fio want to explore some ruins, can we just blow them out of the airlock?"
El'Kauyon smiled, hearing the fear in the Shas'Ui's voice.
"Don't worry, we'll take extra care from now on. Board your Orca, we leave in one hour."

* * *
Farseer Yinola and the Exarch Reih'nal watched the Tau ships climb back into the stars.
After a moment, Reih'nal turned to the seer, "should we tell them what lies ahead?"
"No," Yinola replied, "this race is young, but ignorant. Let them learn the dangers of this galaxy on their own... the Necrontyr shall prove an interesting foe for them."
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

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Default Re: Eldar Sting (Pathfinder Part III)

and so the old rise once more to reclaim from the young what is rightfully thiers
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