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Duel Aboard the Emerald Hawk
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Default Duel Aboard the Emerald Hawk

To my detriment, I tend to write stories in various, non-cronological segments and so this is just a short segment from a larger story that has yet to be written. Any feedback is welcome.

A quote by the leader of the Eldar, first of all:
‘Wherever we walk, the winds of death come following in our footsteps. We hear the whirlwind howl in our ears every waking day, so we measure our luck in how often the wind gusts and catches one of us off our guard, sweeping them asunder to another realm.’

Now the excerpt of the story:
Despite their natural prowess in the art of moving stealthily and unnoticeably, Dra’Ibernm-nova would have had to be deaf to have not heard the advance of the reptilian creature around the corner. The faint clink of it’s claws on the plastic plating advanced slowly, cautiously, till the Eldar could tell that the Kroot was mere inches from him, only the smooth edge of the wall separating the two hunters. Then something happened which Ibernm had not expected or anticipated. A short, abrasive noise of air rushing through a tube, followed by a pause.
The filthy beast smells me!
Before he had a chance to react, the Kroot attacked. With a nasal shriek, the tall and wiry creature spun around the junction of hallways and swept his vicious, bladed rifle upwards with the intention of decapitating the leader of the raiders. Without conscious thought, the long ornate blade on the left wrist of the Eldar streaked upwards, the power-weapon’s energy field easily slicing through the blades and into the weapon itself.
That was when the crude chemical propellants in the firing chamber exploded. Ears ringing and half singed, Dra’Ibernm was thrown backwards with fire dancing in his eyes. The Kroot had staggered backwards, the upper segment of his beak charred from within by his weapon.
Recovering more rapidly, the Eldar thought into is psycho-conductive circuitry and was rewarded by the wraithbone spines on the rear of his armour snapping open and his Swooping Hawk wings extending outwards, hurling him onto his feet and towards his foe. He brought his blade down, expecting the power-aura to slice through the shoulder plate with ease and cleave his victim from shoulder to hip. Instead, there was a metallic clang. Looking down, Ibernm realized that the explosion of the Kroot Rifle had gutted the power feed of the weapon, leaving it a mere sword. Taking advantage of being forced down by the power of the blow, the reptile warrior clutched at the smouldering butstock of his weapon, swinging upwards with the fang-like blade and puncturing through the thin armour that guarded the Eldar’s flank. Crying out in pain as blood spattered both his face and the walls of his ship, Ibernm looked and saw the cruel steel point had gone straight through his armpit and exited though his shoulder. Triumphant, the Kroot called again as he made as to tear a chunk of flesh with his teeth from the face of the Eldar. The gruesome, cannibal scene never came to pass. With his right hand, Ibernm had managed to reach his plasma pistol, and as he squeezed the firing stud the head of the Kroot disintegrated in a flash of blue light and searing heat, leaving only scorched spines to fall lifeless to the deck.
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Default Re: Duel Aboard the Emerald Hawk

Some nice work so far... we rarely see any Eldar involved. Keep it up.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

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Default Re: Duel Aboard the Emerald Hawk

Thanks, I intend to.
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Default Re: Duel Aboard the Emerald Hawk

:'( poor kroot. well done to the eldar for hearing him. kroot can sneak up on rangers, after all!

I liked the story. Nicely written.
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Default Re: Duel Aboard the Emerald Hawk

That's when the Kroot are in Trees. Fieldcraft and all, you know :P. The ship actually has special pannels that are ment to make a louder noise when anything but Eldar boots come in contact with them, but I'll get to that with the rest of the story. Being a Tau player, I did feel sorry for the Kroot myself, but no fear the Eldar and Kroot end up hooking up and forming a joint force (read: too broke to afford more Eldar).

Thanks for the support guys, I'll post the rest of it as a write.
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