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The City of Kliest
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Default The City of Kliest

"Shas'vre, Shas'vre!" yelled a running stealthteam member.

"Yes what is it?" replied the calm Shas'vre

"Imperial Artillery, up there, see them? on the ridge in front of the city" The Shas'ui said as he pointed and panted, at the same time.

"Yes, it's Imperial Artillery, of the Basilisk class, what is your point?-"
"Shas'vre they'r-"
I strange wistling sound started, the Shas'ui looked up, and the Shas'vre, overconfidant, didn't budge.
"Don't interrupt, let me finish. I've already picked them up on the long range scanners"
"Shas'vre they're long range guns as we're in range, and Shas'vre, I can't whistle"

There was an ear shattering boom, and nothing remained of the Stealthteam. Poor, poor Tau.

"Lieutenant Lewis, can you get your a*s over here please!" screeched the Corporal holding the vox set.

Lewis crawled over to where the corporal was, pinned down. The whole platoon was pinned actually, hiding behind crumbling buildings and ruined machinery.

"Damn this war," thought Lewis "Why is my platoon always screwed?"

Lewis arrived, barely dodging pulse rifle shots, and had to cover his eyes and ears because of multiple blasts from photon grenades.

"Corporal Clayton, what the problem!?" yelled Lieutenant Lewis, fighting to be heard of the chatter of the platoons remaining autocannon.

"Sir, let me make a transmission, and listen"
Lewis nodded, and listened.

"This is Corporal Clayton of the 26th Cadian, 3rd platoon, I have lieutenant Lewis with me, is anyone receiving?"
"Yes, 1 receiving. This is Corporal Forester, of the Fury of Mars what is your problem?

"Forester, can you trace our vox link, and tell us where we are, I know we're in the City of Kliest, but we need to meet some friends or we're screwed"

An earth shaking roar started , as a high velocity tau missile crashed into a building, a street away from Lewis's platoons position.

Please wait...Ok, I've got it, look behind you, yes, do you see that big green building with lots of decorative sh*t? That the administration building. In there, is the cadian 26th First platoon. Go there meet up with 1st platoon, then send for an evac. make yourself at home, as it may be a while. It'll land on the roof, so set defence there. By the way, you're in front of the adminastration building....Click

"Sir, Lieutenant Lewis, that's only a few hundred feet back, should we try? I think we should sir, we may lose some men, but it's worth it." said the corporal.

"I'm gunna try"

"Ok men, shouted lieutenant Lewis," over the roar of gunfire."We're going to try to pull back to that building, there!" Lewis said, as he pointed behind him.

"I'd like a few volunteers to stay back and give us time" roared Lewis

Very few men put up their hands, most of them who did, dropped them quickly.

"Ok then, screwed that, to cover our retreat, i want everyone to throw a grenade on three" continued Lewis, "Start running right after that!'




Around 37 grenades flew at the Tau position, many ricocheting right into the crevices where the Tau we're hiding.

The Guardsmen were already running, by the time the grenades exploded, so the
Tau's shrieking wasn't heard.

Only a few Guardsmen were hit. As they were dodging the splattering pulse rifle fire and burst of plasma.

As they ran into the administration building. The guardsmen of the 3rd platoon were shocked, they thought they were meeting with friends, but they didn't expect all but 11 to be dead...

More to come I suppose

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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Default Re: The City of Kliest

That is the second best I've seen except for mine. It;s human nature to like your own than some one Else's.
P.s.The baskaliks would of been taken out.
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
brave kid, i don't know if i could do that. whichever girl gets you for life is the luckiest in the world.
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