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The Lords of Disease (ch. 1)
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Default The Lords of Disease (ch. 1)

this is the start of my fluff, i will add more to it as time goes on, this is what i was able to come up with today ;D
i know that my grammar probably isnt that good, just tell me where i should improve and i will work on it

The shimmering portal opened up on the deck of the great ship dragast, the flagship of the Lords of Disease. Parasitcus ordered squad leprae forward, twisted bits of his terminator armor still showing around the bulk of his plague infested form. The terminators charged into the sickly colored portal to appear on the surface of the planet Icharous II below. After squad leprae cleared the portal we moved up and took position around the portal, with flies rising from our bodies with every step, and settling back amongst our exhaust vents and tubing only to be shaken up again at the next step.

"For glory and the plague" i shouted as we charged into the warp

as we went through the portal the warp felt oily on the skin and leaving behind a slightly sticky goop behind on our amour. Squad leprae was waiting for us, there nurgle icon held high as we emerged from the warp around them. We were in the middle of the guardsmen, with heavy bolters chattering in the front line at our plague brothers, and tanks rolling around us, there gunners to busy shooting at the morbidus as it slowly rumbled forward. We waisted no time in charging a Russ, with Brucei scoring a critical blow on its plasma reactors with his autocannon and destroying the tank with a blue-tinged explosion.

“They know were here, Purge them for Papa Nurgle” I shouted through the combat as Imperial guard regiments started to notice the terminator squads that had infiltrated there back line.
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