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New Fluff for my Chaos Lord
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Default New Fluff for my Chaos Lord

Hello. Some of you may remember my post from a while back regarding a crazy or even stupid chaos lord conversion. Well work on the mini is nearly finished and his first appearance on the table is just around the corner.
I have not decided exactly how my new chaos lord will be equipped, but I do know he will have the following: Mark of Tzeentch, bolt of change, combi flamer, inferno bolts, a power weapon, demonic mutation, strength, and flight. Here is the fluff for anyone interested. Please feel free to comment.

Quintus led a charmed existence. He was never defeated in combat in all the glorious years of war fought in the name of the Emperor. As Chaplain of the second company he and his assault squad brought riotous fury to many of mankind's most sinister foes. After centuries of glorious service, he suffered his first defeat at the hands of a fiendish slanneshi chaos lord and his harem of lusty demons. Beaten but not dead he was saved by brother Julius of the first company and his terminator squad. The foul chaos lord escaped the encounter unharmed and continued to harass imperial forces in the area. After his defeat Quintus was consumed by shame and a deep longing for revenge. Less than a year had passed when the second company was once again called on to Battle the nefarious warlord. Quintus's pride drove him to seek vengeance with a singular focus. He and his assault squad cut through the foul beast's retinue only to be slaughtered by the chaos lord himself. Demonettes appeared once again and as the slaughter drew to a close Quintus was stripped of his armor, tortured, disemboweled, and left for dead. Quintus had seen his men tortured to death before his eyes. His folly had lead to the massacre of his men. Tears of blood ran down the defeated chaplain's cheeks as he called to the Emperor for the strength to avenge his slaughtered brothers. His cries fell on deaf ears. Shame, rage, and a lust for vengeance fueled his desperation. With what should have been his final breath he screamed for help from the emperor, or anyone that would offer him vindication. He drew another breath, and another as a voice filled his head from inside his very soul. "I've been waiting for you Quintus..."

In a metamorphosis fueled by rage Monstrous limbs crept from his pulpy core . His left arm regenerated in a scaly imitation of the one he lost complete with a trio of deadly talons in place of his missing hand. A hand that still clutched a desecrated crozius hanging from another's belt. As his desire to defeat his enemy smoldered, his body continued to change. Quintus was not displeased when his face became reptilian with a mouth full of daggers. He was almost happy when the spines that emerged from his shoulder blades completed the transformation into powerful segmented appendages wielding talons the size of men. He had come a long way since he dragged his one armed stump of a body under a wrecked rhino to hide. It was time to begin his quest for vengeance. He emerged from his hiding place under the cover of darkness. War still raged across the surface of this blasted landscape. Corpses, and implements of destruction could be found in great heaps of flame and decay. On this first night Quintus fed on the dead and began to equip himself for battle. Amidst a heap of decaying fire warriors he found his new armor. Like a demonic hermit crab, Quintus crammed his giant form into the torso of an XV8 crisis suit. His organic tissue began to meld with the strange alien technology, and in time he would be able to utilize the suit's sensor array to augment his considerable martial skills.
Another night of scavenging the battlefield for usefull fodder led Quintus to the corpse of brother Julius still clad in what was left of his tactical dreadnought armor. He tore the arms free of the blasted remains and consumed the charred flesh inside before encasing his own arms in the once sacred artifact. Once again his body integrated with machine until he and his new found armor were one. As a result he was stronger, well protected, and equipped with an almost functional heavy flamer.

Every night Quintus would venture out from his lair searching the battlefield for wargear and food. On one such expedition his enhanced senses acquired a fast moving target a kilometer to the north. This target was pursued by a full squadron of marines on bikes. It was at this moment that Quintus realized the penalty for his treachery would be a swift death if he were ever discovered. He raced to the relative safety offered by a demolished Leman Russ. From this position he watched the pursuit draw near. The fugitive fled past his position 30 meters to his left as two bikes split from the pack in a flanking maneuver that would lead them straight to his hiding place. Quintus knew he would need more than a broken flamer to get out of this mess. He tore the heavy stubber from the charred turret of the Leman Russ. Pulled the trigger and was filled with rage when the weapon failed to fire. By now the flankers had spotted him and began to fire their bolters as they closed in for the kill. The pressure of his rage grew inside Quintus with an explosive force that burst forth through the damaged weapon in a beam of concentrated warp energy. The lead flanker disintegrated in a ball of blue flame as the other was thrown from his bike by the force of the explosion. Without thinking Quintus rode the column of blue flame that spat forth from his jump packs high into the air. He closed the distance between himself and the stunned dark angel in a blink. Again his rage swelled within him and another blast of warp spawned energy exploded on his target. Pieces of power armor and charred remains spewed high into the air on a geyser of scorched earth as the remaining marines continued to pursue their target.

Knowing that reinforcements would be dispatched to deal with him Quintus prepared for the worst. He returned to the leman russ to retrieve his discarded heavy flamer while he removed the barrel from his new found weapon. Realizing that he only needed the barrel of the gun to focus his rage into a terrifying weapon he jammed it into the damaged heavy flamer where one of two conduits that had once pumped incendiary chemicals from the fuel cell to the target was missing. Whom ever sought to destroy him was in for a big surprise. Sensors screamed a warning directly into his consciousness urging the damned chaplain into the air a split second before 5 terminators materialized directly behind him. The force of their combined firepower ripped through the shattered tank that seamed had concealed him from the ravenwing a moment ago. Hovering above the ambush that should have been his demise, rage swelled deep within Quintus. This time it burst forth in an eruption of unearthly flame. The terminators recoiled from the force and emerged unharmed as another blast of energy leaped forth from Quintus's blasphemous weapon. The terminator carrying the assault cannon was gone as fast as he had arrived. Only four of the deathwing remained. Shocked and disoriented by the blast that claimed the life of their battle brother, they were not prepared when the unholy form above them dropped into their midst. Combat was short and brutal. Quintus easily dodged the slow powerfists that were hurled at him, as he ripped the ancient dark angels to shreds with his mighty talons.

Quintus was no longer in immediate danger, but his lust for battle had consumed him. He had tracked 8 bike on their pursuit to a canyon 2 kilometer's South of his current position. He took to the skies once again with blue flame and acrid black smoke to mark his rapid advance through the night sky. Rage flowed freely through the ravenous warrior as he closed on his distracted prey. He had all 8 of them targeted. Much to his surprise a rapid fire barrage of explosive energy streamed from his gun into the target. Confusion ruled the last few moments of the dark angels lives as Quintus and the cornered renegade converged on the disoriented servants of the false emperor with unbridled malice.

The fallen angel Marsalus could not believe his good fortune. A gift from the gods had spared him from a lifetime of interrogation back on the rock. He would not have gone down without a fight, but he knew he would never escape the wrath of his betrayed brothers. The deathwing had never joined the fight and the ravenwing lay dead at his feet. His savior leveled his weapon took one step forward and rested the muzzle on Marsalus's jet black chest plate. From what he could see the glowing weapon could not function. There was no magazine and the promethuim tank had to be empty by now. Marsalus had witnessed the effects of this weapon and new that it was not dependant on conventional means to function. He could feel the anger and lust for carnage emanating from his new savior and adversary. "I am yours to command, until I have saved your life as you saved mine." were chosen as his final words.

"We have much to discuss; follow me." was Quintus's reply as he lowered his weapon and walked away from the carnage as wave after wave of glorious satisfaction washed over him. It was then that he knew what he must do. He would recruit an army of the worst scum in the universe. There would be hell to pay when he found the one who had killed him.

"You can call me hell if you like Quintus," boomed the voice from his soul.
"and you are right. I will be paid."
It is all fun and games until someone takes it too seriously
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