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A question of Merit. (Army background fluff)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default A question of Merit. (Army background fluff)

I originally posted the story below on the Spacewolves site, but as they have moved on and closed that site (for the most part), I've recently joined TauOnline. This is my original army fluff for my Lord and heavily converted Dreadnaught that I'm still working on, but I'd still like any input you might have (just remember, this is background fluff, not the story that I'm intending to write about them, the actual stories I build around them will be written primarily in first person).

Original posting is here.
__________________________________________________ ____________

When the Space Wolves shattered the defenses Prospero, Magnus assigned one squad to hold each of the protected entrances to the final spaceport during the evacuation. Nemed and Panash's squad fought to hold the northern gate, nearest the transports and thus unto them fell the task of holding longest. For their journey would be the shortest, so long as the Wolves were held back from the escaping transports.

For six hours that fateful day, they held the gates. Against wave after wave of Space Wolf assaults they fought, and each time, they drove off the attacks of their brother marines. For
despite the betrayal of their Legion by the Emperor, both of the brothers Merit still felt their duty lay in his service. They knew the brand of sorcery denied them the light of his wisdom, but both continued to feel a burning brand of hope within their hearts that the Emperor would forgive the Thousand Sons, if only they could explain their reasons for breaking the Ban.

Against eight different assaults they fought, and though they drove back their foe, with each battle, one of their brethren fell. Though they begged the Wolves to stop fighting and listen, none would heed. The Space Wolves had been told of the crimes committed by the Thousand Sons and knew their words would be tainted by Chaos. Any marine who would break the Emperorís Ban on magic, must surely have been twisted. Thus, despite the pleas of these 10 pitiful marines, the Wolves fought on.

As the last transport was readied, the Merits knew they were lost, for they faced a blood pack alone. Determined to buy the time necessary for the last of their Legionís families to escape, Nemed and Panash swore an oath that no Wolf would pass. Two against ten they fought like the possessed, the brightness of their fury blinding them to pain or fear. Side by side they fought in martial perfection, brothers who would die as they had lived in life.

As Panash felled his last foe, a sound seared his soul. He turned to find a nameless blood claw pulling his powerfist from inside Nemed's chest, a still twitching heart crushed like so much meat in the wolves' hand. With a scream of anguish Panash tore the Wolf in two.

Nine battles were fought and nine of the Sons did fall, but one yet lived who mourned them all.

Nemed lay dying in Panash's arms, but neither his sorcery nor skill could fight off this death. Panash wracked his mind trying to recall any spell that could stave off death from such a grievous wound, but lost all hope with his brother's last breath.

From no where, hollow voices rose, "You stand betrayed by your Emperor and your brother lies dead."

Panash howled his anger at the source less voices.

"Swear to serve our master and we will preserve your brotherís life until he can be placed into the sacred sarcophagi of a dreadnought and then lead you to such magic as might restore his life."

Thus, with the scream of the betrayed, Panash the Seeker, Champion of Tzeentch, was forged.

One day I shall have all my miniatures painted. (Unless I buy more of course.)
Only three or four hundred more to go! (Not counting epic that is.)
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Default Re: A question of Merit. (Army background fluff)

Excellent! I quite like this fluff, and I'd be intrigued to see the army list that it goes alongside with.
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