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Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.
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Default Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

The vessel was tiny, but choking with the most advanced technologies the Adeptus Mechanicus could produce. It was an infiltration unit, desgined to carry its cargo into a target zone undetected, and allow for extraction. Warp-Capable, and amongst the fastest ships in the Imperial Navy, the craft was perfect for Assassins. They could be deployed and recovered without anyone noticing their fleet-carrier.

The occupant opened his eyes slowly, blinking a few times lazily as the world returned. He'd been dreaming of his childhood, of snuggling up in the blankets of his bed, wrapping them around his body and hoping his parents would forget to wake him for school... and remembering the one time that they had.

"Ah, awake at last are we?"
The voice came from a vox-pict feed above the occupant's head. As the cryo-sleep wore off, the figure assessed his situation... he was in a drop-pod, a modified one-man version. A Voss Pattern Mk IV Self-Retrieving model, if he was correct.
"Do answer me, Widowmaker, I like to know you're listening."
Widowmaker gave a dismissive wave, "Get on with it."
"As you wish," the speaker sounded a little annoyed at the rude retort. "We are about to enter orbit of Perin's Hope, a-"
"world of no cultural or historical significance, save for the Sororitas Mission stationed there, part of the Order of His Holy Word."
The Tech-adept on the other end of the vox-pict gave the assassin a look that, by rights, should have been photographed and framed for nostalgia.
"...precisely. 212 Sisters guard the Chapel of Perin, which contains-"
"PDF strength?" Widowmaker interrupted, having no interest for religious gibberish.
"One-hundred thousand."
"Approximately forty-thousand... with fleet superiority."
Widowmaker gave an irritated hiss, "So much for numbers. Alright, get on with it."
Another irritated look was given. Widowmaker got the impression the Tech-Adept didn't like having to improvise his well-rehersed script. "The leader is one Shas'O Au'taal Myr'ka. Assassinating him is your first objective."
"Obviously," Widowmaker muttered.
"Also," The Tech-adept continued, either not hearing or ignoring the comment, "O'Myr'ka has some form of new defensive technology incorporated into his suit...some form of-"
"It's called Iridium Armour. Bring back a sample, got it."
For the third time in the space of three minutes, the Techpriest wondered how this Operative knew so much. Pre-briefed, he must have been.
"If any of the Eth-"
"Kill the Aun, can do."
Silence followed, "Who is giving this briefing exactly?"
"Me, apparantly," Widowmaker replied, savouring yet-another ugly look. The Tech-adept's face was covered in cybernetics. It was made for ugly looks. Ugly looks where its principal export, just ahead of pointless information, utter gibberish and nose hair.
"Finally," the Techpriest spoke in the tone of someone who was now giving his briefing to the monitor, "you are to hold the Chapel against Xenos incursion. It must not fall. All weapons and equipment OSP. If you fail, the Imperium disavows any knowledge of your actions. Prepare for drop..."
The screen cut out, and the pod began to rattle and jerk. With a sudden, bone-jarring jolt, it was blasted out into the void, screaming down to the planet below like a meteorite. The last thing Widowmaker heard before the pod was violently severed from the ship's internal comm-system were the words "Operation Pilgrim is Go."

* * *

T'suam'Fi team dismounted from the Devilfish, and approached the impact site slowly. Something had come down here, ploughing its way through the ancient redwoods like a vibro-knife through butter.
La'Elka suspected more debris. Since the Tau attainted naval-supremacy, there had been no less than thirty-eight unidentified objects making planetfall. Almost all were pieces of ship, both Imperial and Tau, vapourising in re-entry. A few survived, however, and that meant comfirmation.

The Shas'Ui raised his hand, signalling a halt. La'Gal approached with caution, Rail-rifle raised and ready. A figure emerged, a Gue'la in camouflage, hands raised.
"Co'mont'ka! Ky Gue'vesa! Ky Gue'vesa!"
Ui'Shovah paused, hesitant. He'd served with Gue'vesa before, but he was not aware of any serving here... and he'd never met a Gue'vesa who spoke such fluent Tau'sia.
"Gue'vesa?" he asked, "Hy Kau'ui ne La'rua?"
"Ky Monat," Widowmaker replied, stepping fully into view and lowering his arms a little, though not completely, "Ky Vasesa Tol'T O'Myr'ka, T'kauya Gue'Or'es'la Xar'erra."
The Shas'Ui seemed skeptical, though his attempts to confirm the Gue'la's story failed when his comm refused to function. Widowmaker shrugged, as if to dismiss the idea he knew what caused the jamming.
"Da'cho," the Shas'Ui sighed, "Ci Hy Sho'ka?"
Another shrug answered. "Y'va'kna," La'Elka muttered, unholstering his pulse pistol and tossing it to the Gue'La, who caught it expertly.
"Cha'po T'aka Lasa'Sho'kaal..." the weapon barked four times, "...Y'va'kna'era."

Widowmaker holstered the weapon, and helped himself to one of the Carbines, the Rail Rifle, and as much ammo as he could carry. He could hear the whine of Devilfish engines, the crew might have heard the shots.

He shrugged, and decided to test out the Rail Rifle...
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

Oohhh..juicy. Love it. Put those arrogant Tau in their place!
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

Real men fight in tanks!

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Originally Posted by Nox
Legio why do I always imagine you shouting when I read your posts? :P
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

How is it that you write so damnably well? You're like Promethius, except instead of fire you bring brilliant writing.

Awesome story.
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

I hope you actually finish this one.
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

Assasin stories have the most potential for fun. I have not been disapointed. Scribe, continue.
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

Widowmaker moved through the woodlands like a ghost, his passing un-noticed. Patrols increased when the Pathfinder team failed to report, then doubled when they were found dead. Nevertheless, Widowmaker had put many miles between himself and the combat zone by then. For three days he advanced, slowly, carefully, dodging patrols constantly. He hoped these Tau didn't have Kroot, otherwise his mission would become very complicated very fast.

He awoke from sleep at some unknown hour. It was either very late on the third day, or very early on the fourth. Despite the obvious benefits, he preferred to advance in the day-cycles; Tau favoured night-fights, so their main forces would be at rest when he was. In theory. However, something had awoken him now, though what he did not know.

He pressed on regardless, gliding between the towering redwoods, some taller than a Titan, and as wide as a Baneblade. He had a feeling of aprehension, a feeling he had known many times during his life... it was the feeling something bad was going to happen.

He froze, listening to the sounds of the forest... he slowed his breathing, trusting his hearing, and his instincts guide him. Birds sang, rodents scuttled and chirruped, the trees sang to one another in the wind. No sign of attackers...

Widowmaker continued onwards, checking his compass to be sure he was going the right way. He made periodic stops, always to search for any sign of pursuit. It was then that two things hit him; the first being the thought that perhaps his enemies were infront, not behind... the second being a Kroot.

Widowmaker dropped and rolled, twisting as the Kroot landed upon him. He managed to get his legs around the things head, and using his entire body for leverage, snapped the bird-thing's neck before it could bite off his feet. Two more emerged, firing from out of the moss-plumes that grew in sponge-like clumps from the tree-trunks. Widowmaker dove forwards, taking up the Kroot's fallen rifle, and scampered to cover. He dove behind a buttress root, and opened fire at a Kroot he saw emerging from behind. The shot blew the alien's chest cavity open, and it toppled without a sound.

Silence descended. He did not know how many Kroot were here, or where they were... save that two were in front of him. He was in their element, outnumbered and probably surrounded. Not good...

A Kroot leapt up atop the buttress root. Widowmaker dove to his back, blowing the target clean away, then rolling and taking another. A third came from his right, slamming the blades of his weapon hard into the assassin's chest. A fourth emerged, then a fifth, surrounding him...

Widowmaker blinked. He'd known this feeling before... like deja-vu, but for events yet to happen. His weapon was raised and firing before the first Kroot appeared, blowing the front of its head off and causing it to slam into the root, and flip over it.
Turning fast, he span on the spot, loosing shots at the second Kroot just as he rounded the root, then tearing apart three more as they rose from cover. The weapon clacked, empty. It was over.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

Aww poor Kroot and Tau :P
I like this though but then again I like everything you write...
Vert smooth, it flows well and the action is placed well as is all of your works.
Keep up the great work of entertaining us all ;D
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Ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive."
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Default Re: Widowmaker: Operation Pilgrim.

Yay! more holy writ form the master! Is this part of your "Alien Races" storyline with the Giosk and Draqui? I'd dearly love to here more on that.
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