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[APOC] Tau datasheet, stealth attack
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Default [APOC] Tau datasheet, stealth attack

Figured I wanted to make a datasheet focusing on the stealth units we got in the codex and play around with a bit of pinning boost to make it somewhat usefull as well as another tidbit. Does it look good, need any clarification in the rules or tweaking in point cost?

Formation cost 25p + Models

3+ Sniper drone teams
1 Designated spotter stealth team at 6 man strong

Special rules:
The sniper drone teams must be deployed within 6 of one another or if coming in from reserve nominate one point to enter within 6 from.

The stealth team is deployed separately.

Pin them!: The stealth team selects one unit within LoS of one of the members to be the target for the pinning fire. After that the controlling player nominates how many units of the formation that are to take part (note: all models in the unit must fire at the target when using this rule) and after that rolls to hit and to wound with all shots as if all units where one (networked markerlights are rolled first as normal and all units may benefit from the hits since they count as one unit for firing). If the target unit is forced to take a pinning check this is done at -1 for each unit partaking in the firing after the first.

(Alternative is to change last sentence to: If the target unit is forced to take a pinning check this is done at -1 for each unsaved pinning wound after the first.
But I thought that might be OTT perhaps.)

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