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Apocospearstrike! 5000pts
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Default Apocospearstrike! 5000pts

Ok, so we got bored at the weekend and started devising a game for the coming weekend. Its going to be part Apoc part Spearhead and part Planetstrike.

Force Org, Reserves, Strategic Assests and formations from Apoc
Spearheads from Spearhead....obviously
Game layout, Bastions and Attacker and Defensive assets (3points each) from Planetstrike.

5000points each.

Im taking 2 ADNs and a Tigershark AX01 as my superheavies, he has a Baneblade.

Any tips with the Tigershark? I've never used one and would appreciate some feedback on their performance.

I will post full lists closer to time when we have them.

Edit: Unfortunatly Sharpe, we dont have the Cities of Death Rules. I wonder if we could wedge a Kill Team each in there though?
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Default Re: Apocospearstrike! 5000pts

All of a sudden my baneblade looks kinda squishy. and now the points cost has risen to 5500 to include EVERYTHING i own. bliss.
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