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[Apoc]Random things to do in Apocalypse
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Default [Apoc]Random things to do in Apocalypse

I was IMing with a friend last night, and a funny idea hit me.

I love the Piranha Firestream Wing. The Disruptor Beacon for 100 points is awesome, since I take piranhas anyway. However, the fragile target makes me very, very sad. So, how do we fix this? Stick them in a Manta!

And then you have a Manta Deathblow Cadre to boot, since 4 piranhas is almost 75% of the full capacity. And then you have a flying, nigh invincible disruptor beacon

Also, the new broadside formation is something like:
The commander somehow marks a super heavy for destruction. The broadsides get to reroll failed armour penetration rolls against it.

The caveat is that they can't get support systems, and only markerlights from within the formation (marker drone squadrons) can assist there accuracy.

The solution. The Mirage Infiltration Cadre, causing precision strike on super heavies. Fun, yes?

These are the end of my mid morning ramblings.

Oh, and if these belong in Apocalypse, my profuse apologies to the Mods.

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Default Re: Random things to do in Apocalypse

Thing is, putting 4 piranhs in a manta is a waste. the manta is nearly 2000points, just to make that beacon survivable. and does the beacon even work from inside the manta?

The Destructor Phalanx can target any superhevy unit witin 48inches due to a special target desinator on a Shas'El battlesuit.

Backing it up with the mirage cadre is useless because as you have said, they cant benefit from any outside markerlights.
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Default Re: Random things to do in Apocalypse

The distinction he is making with the Mirage Cadre is that their special rules provides an exchange of Markerlights for a Precision Strike tactical asset, which the Destructor Phalanx has no problem making use of.

Its a bit sketchy, but I think technically it works.
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