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[PS] Tau vs Chaos Planetstrike
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Default Re: [PS] Tau vs Chaos Planetstrike

Thanks for the relatively speedy replies:

@Timderwiggin: I am trying to use as much Helios as I can, but I need to buy some more Crisis suits to counter his mainly terminator force. Oh yeah, another thing, he has a DP of Khorne with them so he breaks that off and charges at my Crisis suits, so I cannot shoot at the terminators at full strength.

@Nox: I was under the impression that a chainfist gave 2D6 + double strength. Is it not a powerfist as well?
Maybe that's why they cut through the bastions too easily. Hmmm... I may have to slip some of this into conversation when we have our next planetstrike game...

@Zaul: The thing is, I was using turreted stronghold, but he didn't have anything with a 3+ armour save (apart from the DP, which was buried inside the terminators).

@Munky42: I reckon Broadsides just don't put out enough shots to deal with them, unless I equip them with TL Plasma, which I probably will do in my next game. Thanks for providing the spark, as it were.

@Dunehunter: I think you are confusing some other stratagem with Confusion Reigns, which lets you swap the positions of 2 enemy units (only if you are the attacker). In this case however, I am defending, but thanks anyway.

@Archive: I like your thinking, but I don't think he'll be too happy with that. I might try it for one game and see how it goes.

Thanks for the ideas guys, please keep them coming in.

- LordZanuu
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Default Re: [PS] Tau vs Chaos Planetstrike

Zanuu the Chainfist is a powerfist, when I said Str + 2d6 I was assuming that everyone knew that the Str was doubled making it 8. Very nasty against buildings.
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Default Re: [PS] Tau vs Chaos Planetstrike

Originally Posted by LordZanuu
@Archive: I like your thinking, but I don't think he'll be too happy with that. I might try it for one game and see how it goes.
I figure it gives you the best chance of winning without being cheese. Admititly it will get boring only playing with one objective. If you opt for more, I would suggest always taking an odd number of objectives, because all of the good attacker stratagems are two points each: desperate last push, ground observer, planetary convocation, scorched skies, suppy drop, and sustained assault.

Defenders have a good option at every stratagem point cost though. The problem is that with twenty termies, half of whom pack chainfists, stronghold stratagems are about worthless. Las-maze is an obvious choice because it can worm it's way past the armor save.

I don't know about Chaos termies, but I know Loyalists termies don't have grenades, with means pylons are possible. Completely blocking in a unit is very difficult though, even without full sized squads. Remember that 4 pylons only makes 3 lines max, as each pylon only draws a line to the pylon closest to itself. This can mean only two lines, not touching each other, so be careful. Beyond that you don't have much choice for stratagems.

As for deployment, only put things out on the table that can survive the firestorm relativly unscathed. This means that Bastions get filled and unless you can get a 2+ armor, cover, or invunerable save, without going to ground mind you, you shouldn't deploy on the field. If you have that, but also have multiple wounds, you need T5 or eternal warrior. Tau are mobile enough to get where they need to be, regardless of where they come in from, and firestorms are dangerous if you don't take them seriously.

Last game I played, it was against guard, and managed to pop a chimera, sentinal, and 15 guardsmen before the game started. 1/5 of his army gone before my first turn, all because he deployed outside of bastions.
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Better powergaming test? Ok:
1. Do you intend to win even if it might take the fun of the game away from either yourself or your opponent?

If you answered yes to question 1, you are in fact a power gamer, and your list is probably either beardy or you can abuse the rules to make it such.
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Default Re: [PS] Tau vs Chaos Planetstrike

dont you only get 1 chain fist for 5 timies
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Well I remember in the old days when me and my mate used really small armies he had squad of terms and no tanks, I had a broadside. I just pounded away at the terms with my broadside killing 1 evry turn and evantually they falied a morale check and ran away!
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