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Whats Wrong with Apocalypse?
Old 19 Mar 2010, 11:36   #151 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Whats Wrong with Apocalypse?

My experiences of apocalypse haven't been great, just some crazy sixteen-players a side thing where most of my army was wiped out in the first turn by some massive blast eldar strategic asset. It was pretty terrible, people were all like 'i'm shooting that now' then someone else would pop up and say (after the aforementioned unit had been shot down) 'i'm shooting that now'. It was really confusing. And the amount of snotty little buggers on the both sides quoting rules and how to exploit them was annoying. To be frank it was a terrible game!

But, I'm sure apocalypse, if played between about three people or less on each side, each one using the forgeworld rules from imperial armour for their forgeworld stuff (if they have any) and not the overkill weaponry detailed on the 'yeah, it kills everything so you have to buy more stuff to win' datasheets, it'd be good, measured and balanced, and it'd be awesome. Also FOC are good to have.

I miss 40k when it was subtler...
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Default Re: Whats Wrong with Apocalypse?

This is probably necromancy, but I just have a point that overall wasn't expressed in this thread (and yes I have just read all 11 pages because I am bored).

Now I have never played apocalypse, I play a little with some friends and I don't generally go down to the store to play so I don't think I have ever even seen an apocalypse battle. I do however remember that when it came out I was chatting to a sorta acquaintance who works at the GW in Glasgow. He put apoc across to me as being a game where you could just bring everything you had and play. say like you had 1640 pts of chaos, you could join up with some people at the store and have a slightly more informal and fun game that provided a chance to just do cool stuff.

Personally, I wasn't going to pay for apoc, nor do i know anyone who has the number of units to play a decent game and I am truly not familiar enough with the rules of regular 40k to try play with different rules. I don't think there is really anything wrong with apoc, it's just not as good as regular 40k IMO. To be honest, I see it as a game that is really designed for events at the local GW, where everyone can bring along what they have and get to have a massive battle. Its the kinda game i would play once for fun maybe, but it seems (from the outside) like a bit of a gimic, that i would play once or twice and then go back to 40k
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Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: Whats Wrong with Apocalypse?

There's nothing wrong with Apocalypse, there are just things wrong with most of the people who play it. I've had my share of good and bad games, depends on the people playing it. 13 year old kids who spent thier parents money on a company and a half of space marines badly painted to look like Ultramarines are worse than 20 year veterans who have wonderfully painted Dark Eldar armies.
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Default Re: Whats Wrong with Apocalypse?

Slight threadnomancy, but I think always blaming younger players when Apoc goes wrong is unfair.
I remember back when Apoc came out, there was a 121,000 point-a-side game at Warhammer World to celebrate it. I was just getting into the hobby at the time, so I borrowed an Iron Hand Battle Company. I can still remember across from me, was this veteran guy with a ton of Guard. He kept claiming that because he had modelled Camo netting (and it was very nice camo netting) nobody could shoot or assault his Baneblade and it was allowed to sit there blowing the shit outa stuff while nobody could kill it. He also borrowed a warhound from the store, and since he didn't know the rules for the Plasma Blastgun, he just said 'it kills stuff automatically' and left it at that. Eventually we sorted things out, but it slowed the whole game down. Then he got really mad when an assault squad blew up his Baneblade, and decided he must have lost and started clearing his forces off the table, disrupting two other players. (he'd also forced his daughter to come with him and help carry all of his cases, which I thought was kinda unfair.
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