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Important Topics and Links
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Default Important Topics and Links

Here a list of links which you may find useful for your reference.

GW's Apocalypse main page
Web-based Apoc. Datasheets
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Default Re: Important Topics and Links

Thank you heaps, i have the new apoc book but found none of these but the defence laser...Big Big Help Thank you so much.
Regards Chace.

^about bloody time =P
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Default Re: Important Topics and Links

god that helps me soooo much as i need about 20pound more to buy the rule bokke as i have just bought the rapid insertion force
still i only use O'Shasheera or Commander Shadowsun

For the !Greater Good!
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Default Re: Important Topics and Links

Thanks Tyross, now I don't have to keep going onto the GW website ;D

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