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fantasy football
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Old 29 Aug 2005, 17:48   #1 (permalink)
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Default fantasy football

hi ^^

i've recently began playing a free online football management simulation. the premise is pretty simple, manage your team, do as well as possible etc.

there is a problem however. there are 600 leagues and the chances of ending up in the same league as your friends is between slim to none. there are no cup competitions or any other oppourtunitites to play your friends, with the exception of friendly matches.

so, i had an idea. the idea is to run a league where friendly matches are played over the weekend. a fixture list is created based on the people who sign up, and then the players set up the required matches against eachother. the results of the matches are then relayed here, and a league table is drawn up.

the problem is, for the league to really be any good i need an even number of teams somewhere between the 12 to 20 mark. i already have three solid entires (myself and two others) as well as a few more possibles. i'd ideally like some more to make setting this thing up worthwhile.

if there's a lot of intrest then i could potentially make multiple divisions based on the amount of people who want in, with promotion/relegation for whichever teams do well/badly.

bear in mind that your team will be playing the game's own set league as well as this friendly based league. i don't want the thing to fall apart if/when people begin losing games, if you believe you're liable to throw the towel in when things go a bit amiss, then please don't sign up.

if you're interested in football and would like a bit of healty competition then please do sign up. i'll calculate all results/fixtures and tell you how to initiate friendly matches, as well as updating the league tables as required

note that this is english football, not american armour rugby.

the website is called itsagoal, you can sign up here at www.itsagoal.com

the new in game season begins next week, so i'll be looking to kick it off by then at the latest.

if you have any questions or would like to join in then leave a post here with your manager login name and team name.

i realise there may not be much intrest, but i figured it was worth a bash ^^;

entries so far:

[tr][td]forum login [/td]

[td]manager login [/td]

[td]club name[/td][/tr]






[td]Setta Utd[/td][/tr]



[td]Veq United[/td][/tr]


i make my own sigs! want one, then ask nicely ^^
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Old 29 Aug 2005, 18:00   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: fantasy football

From what I've seen so far it really seems pretty cool.

I'm in,

So anyone that is into football.........sign up!.

My Team is : Veq United,

Manger is : AndrewSouthern
Brunettes and Beer.
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Old 29 Aug 2005, 20:04   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: fantasy football

Your team has a Manger?

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Old 29 Aug 2005, 20:12   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: fantasy football

Hello ^^
I'm already in but I figure I best add myself to the list officially here ^^

Manager: Guinevere
Team: Setta Utd

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Old 29 Aug 2005, 22:47   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: fantasy football

I barely watch any football. Heck I barely watch TKD(I LOVE TKD), but I would if there were more TKD things on.... :'(
Sorry bud. Both kinds of football are boring to me. :P
Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
Competitive, sure. Sports...
Originally Posted by executioner
Note "3.diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime."
Its a sport...
In that case, so is sex. Therefore, pornstars and prostitutes are professional athletes.
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