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In Your Own Words
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Default In Your Own Words

Back at the begging of March I started a personal Dictionary to help me improve my vocabulary. For the past two weeks I haven't added any new words and I feel I'm adding fewer and fewer. Please could you post a new word for me to add to my dictionary.

Here are a few of my favorate words

Twee; informal excessively sentimental, sweet or pretty. more commonly used for "cute"

Cimera (Kime-meer-a); a wild and unrealistic dream or idea.

-Disney: He's the puppet master, both our damnation and salvation. He rewards our successes and punishes us for our hubris (often in subtle but horrible ways). I suggest we do our best not to anger him, he is the greatest asset to our campaign and potentially the most fearsome foe we'll ever face.
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Default Re: In Your Own Words

This website here has a word of the day function, which could prove useful. What form of English do you speak? American or British English? If British, I might take issues with your definition of twee

It helps if you target vocab learning, so what areas would you be interested in?

EDIT: Also, 'cimera' spelt properly is either 'chimaera' or 'chimera'
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Default Re: In Your Own Words


It's due a comeback.
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