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Rotary Meet at Nurburgring.
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Default Rotary Meet at Nurburgring.

This weekend I drove up to the Netherlands to meet up with a few rotaries and then we drove down to Nurburgring. There was a Cosmo and an FD with a 20B swap, but the 20B lost 5th gear so he had to go home. I wish I had gotten some pictures because that was one of the nicest FD's I've ever seen.

I'm way too lazy to move all the pictures to my photobucket and then post them here, so I've just linked the FB album they're all on. The FC I'm driving with on the ring is a friend of mine, and we took pictures of each other. I don't have any of the pictures he took of my car but I'll post those up when I get them.

This was my first time on the ring and I drove it pretty hard, oddly enough all the times I had driven the track in the various racing games I've played had really helped me because I had most of the track memorized already. It was so exhilerating to be able to drive it myself. All those thousands of dollars in suspension work really paid off. Having 285's all around really helped tame those corners.

There were 4 accidents while I was there, and I drove by a skyline that had it's front and passenger side smashed. I felt so bad for him! I told Angie to get a picture of it as we passed by but she wasn't fast enough.

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=220734&id=585192455&saved#!/album.php?id=585192455&aid=220734&s=0&hash=adec856 1b16adf81313bcef05d451369

Edit - Got a few from my friend, so I added a few shots he got while we were driving the ring.
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