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Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I
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Default Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Here is the starting 'decade' (ten turns) I've played on the demo version (just to see what it was like before I get to grips with the real game). I played Tight Clusters with rare planets nad stars and anomallies being uncommon.

In the demo you are limited to the Humans and only three other races. I renamed the Terrans (sorry we are Earthlings) to the UESC (United Earth Space Coaliation). With Hardy Solidering, Advanced Research, Corage, Hit points and Sensors as our attributes and a Universal political party.


After the first few trips to the Red Planet in 2067 a colony ship of some 100M souls embarked on humanities first coloniseation project to the Red Planet. To facilitate this great task the factories of China had to be bought to create the required number of rockets for the journey.

The trip and landing occured smoothy with no major problems and work was set about building farms on Mars, however the colonists primarally being of western origin prefered the local name of the Red Planet as it has become to be known.

By this year it had come to the attension of human astronomers that a few parsecs away lay a fertile system arround the star Andersona. Namely two planets Andersona IV a class 7 world, and Andersona III a class 6.

Hence it was decided to mass produce at great expense three colony ship fleets with two to go to these planets by subliminal travel using ion drive techonologies.

As of yeah no other life was detected in the galaxy.

Due to the massive cost of the construction of the fleets the approval rate of teh UESC fell to 44%, hence taxes for space projects had to be slashed down to 20% to appease worried citezenry. This had little knock on effect to the Red Planet expedition that was still able to conduct the first major research lab as to finding out how to utlise the Red Planets resources to best effect.

An off shoot of these technologies allowed the UESC to look more carefully at human activities on Earth and we were able to notice an overlooked feature in North America being a set of Anicent Native American Pyramid ruins, the unearthing process was combined with a new wave of cultural entertainment networks, bought at staggering cost from materials not used in space construction works. By the end of the year space taxes could be upped to 49%.

A minor anomally was spotted out towards Andersona with the UESC Survey Flagship, but was not scouted still being too far away to be reachable. Work has begun on the research of planetary improvements due to the work on the Red Planet, nad a new entertainment network has been constructed out there. While Earth finshed production of the first colony ship to be sent to Andersona.

2071|New Horizons
Colony ship 8 sets off to Andersona IV with half a billon souls, while Africa begins to industrialise in North Africa.

Under Virgin Galatica, tourist trips to the Red Planet and back begin, thus allowing extra revenue allowing space taxes to increase ot 55% while approval gains moderally as 61%. The crew of the UESC flagship in deep space decide to rename their craft to the UESN (United Earth Space NavY) Jules Verne

They look human, but tak funny. Transmissions that look like they eminate from a small probe ship are detected by human radio interferometry. Global opinion runs in waves of support of our new 'almost human little green men' to outright terror and hostility. Christian groups denouce the aliens as bastardisations of humans and the devils work.

General public opinion stabilises to eschew all 'contact' with the aliens and maintain a possition of non-interferance or co-operation with any 'non human' lifeform. Plans for a United Planet Council are rejected, and humanity decides to 'go it alone' in the universe.

Both China and the US pledge to spend 4bc on esponage of our new found spacefarers, this leads to researching techniques for galaxtic warfare which many commentators note to be very practical, even though there is general outrage at such policies.

2076|The Voyage Ends
The first of the colony ships arrive on Andersona IV, which the colonists vote to call Odysius, after the greek saloir trying to find his way home. Odysius is a cold planet with a small ocean, but is rich in minerals.

It is supprising to the colonists to find traces of a precursor civilisation on this planet and a research center is immidatly built on the location. Then work begins on a radio dish array to receive Earth comunications.

Meanwhile the alien probe makes a journey towards the Red Planet, mass contraversy occurs over plans to shoot it down, should it enter the Solar System.

The calls for war end abruptly when the alien probe ship changes course no longer heading towards the Solar System, the US and China develop space combat methods, as they fear that the aliens can intercept human comunications.

Then there is the Cerellea problem. Andersona III a desert mountainous planet, is found to have LIFE! it is populated by pre-domonant pre-industrial fedual society. The 'Midge' as they become known, are like scrawny midgets, and are almost stick-insect like in their frailness and they take to wearing hooded robes as they 'fear' the star, having evolved in the shaddows of the canyons of the planet. Their bright yellow eyes and jabbering languge makes them very unerving.

Plan begin to construct Sector 9, and all the planets population of Midge are forcibly evicted and intered on an island the size of Wales with minimal supplies granted from the human overwatchers. The island prision camp soon falls into a mess of interwaring Midge factions and slum towns, but Cerelleans maintain, Midges are "not Human".

Observation of the humanlike Altarians shows that they are spending on milltary production at a much faster rate than humanity, already having 4 attack ships, a starbase and a production capacity of 33bcs, slightly above that to Earth and its colonies. The Altarians are Imperial Federalists at govenance and are working on the techlogy for a universal translator after our spying leads to them gaining some knowledge of our systems and ways. By the end of the year, another scout ship is noticed on human radio dishes.

2078|Article 47
Intelligance shows that although the Altarians appear to have more spacefleet to Earths non existant fleet, humanitys ground weapons make us a superior milltary force capable of defending ourselves.

The information gathered by US probes calls the UESC to sign Article 47: That humanity shall never let its milltary levels drop below that of any xeno lifeform, let they dictate terms like we did to the Midge. There is a minor spat of news network fuss on human hypocracy and belief of the 'might is right' principle, and human ethics, but comontators note that humanity has no research on Alien ethics, and we only know of humanities past actions to guide us.

2079|Lucky Day
The anomally scouted by the Jules Verne in the wake of one of the alien probe ships discovers a new drug that can be used to extend animal lifespans slightly, the drug is mass marketed, and it is noted that the human population growth rate will become 11% via its use.

If the drug is of Altarian origin it is unknown, but it is made from natural ingredients and simply extends the lenght of stability in DNA molecules, thus leading to less incorrect copying between cell generations.

By mid year it is discovered that humanity is ranked 3rd galaxtically in everything but influence and economy by looking at Altarian communcations and actions. Fears of futher more powerful civilisations plague many a humans mind as the decade draws to a close...

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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Enjoying this so far, I like how the style is very different to Circus' too, both have their merits.
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Yeah, I didn't want to do the "in-character" thing as I just wanted it to be easily accessible first. If the blog has been well-received I'll certainly do another, and experiment with styles.

Gen, what size galaxy are you playing?

And a turn isn't a year - it's a week =P
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Nice read Gen!
[quote]Thou shalt not crave thy neighbour

Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

That was great, keep it up.
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Two days solid spent playing this, and I've only just got above 100 turns (the year is 2162 from 2050)

1st thing, is I liked the demo, which was the above 'blog' so I decided to get the full version and restart the game in the same manner, but on my own settings (you were limited in the demo) and with the intension of finishing it completely.

I have over 10 double A4 pages of notes for the game so far, so I'll be more a full story and history of mankind, than any brief overview.

I've also 'imagined' that everything starts in the year 2050, and that a turn is a year, that makes ships roughtly travel at the 'correct' speeds through space, but of course they are nearly always breaking the speed of light. Hence I purposefully slowed down some of the early ships by not moving them to represent that fact. I also fudged it by presuming that all the hyperdrive technology (I removed it from my beginning tech list) was yet to be researched. As it happens humanity develops it in the year 2053, well hyperfusion technology and somehow we have got the 1st probes out to where they are in the game so far.

The settings for this expanded game were as 'realistic' as I could guess after a few attempts at populating a map as I could get; Huge (not imenses, because otherwise it looked like it would be several centuries before any form of contact might occur), stars are uncommon, planets too, habitable rare. I set the major races to two others, the map to 'blind' and the number of minor races to random (hell you never know where life will spring up.

Suffice to say, the map is big enough, and so spread out that even 100 years into the game, I only have really explored most of the stars on one half of the map, and I've not encounted any of my major rivals planets, only a starbase, which I have no idea whatsoever as to how it got there...

So to restart the blog with the 1st few years;


2050|Humans Colonise Mars
After the first few trips to the Red Planet in 2067 a colony ship of some 100M souls embarked on humanities first coloniseation project to the Red Planet. To facilitate this great task the factories of China had to be bought to create the required number of rockets for the journey.

The trip and landing occured smoothy with no major problems and work was set about building farms on Mars, however the colonists primarally being of western origin prefered the local name of the Red Planet as it has become to be known.

Earth meanwhile has spent vast sums of money on a special space research center and set up the organisation known as ESEE (Earth-Space Exploration Executive) as one of the side projects to Mars work begins on a fleet of Scout probes to explore the nearest stars. These probes will use recent advances in ion propulsion methods to speed them up to relativistic velocities to get them close enough to other stars to scout them for small astronomical bodies.

Meanwhile Kabibo-Superkamiokandai begins using robotic drones on Earths asteriod belts to search for precious metals.

The TEK reactor in france opens a new form of nuclear power generation, TEK reactors work on the CNO nuclear fusion model rather than PP chains. These leads to 10s of TeV being avalible for scientific and public use.

The media labels this a 'new age' of well being as 'free' very very cheap energy hits the European energy markets overnight, this ends the age of Oil and gas most abruptly with the next few reactors built over the next few years, whole continants are supplied with 'free' energy.

Some comontators say Humanity is a class 1 civilisation, many disagree with this notion.

Much of this throws a shadow over mankinds futherest probe to date, reaching the nearby star now called Kwilas in our local cluster.

2054|A House in the Stars
As part of the survey by this probe* it is discovered that Kwilas has a habitable planet of a class 6 catagory, its pressure is low, its gravity weak, but it is warm and has much liquid water, good enough that humans can walk around freely so long as they bring a respirator and goggles. It is decided that more viewing will need to be done of this planet.

Closer to home the manned surveyship Endevor finds a 'spaceship graveyard' in the rings of Saturn. The vessels appear to be of human origin and from the year 2227** many of them appear to have been pulverised by the dust of the rings leading the crew to deduce that the craft have been their almost as long as the solar system itself.

However the alloys themselves in the craft give human engineers valuble ideas on new construction techniques.

The Endevor also raises erius questions on Earth, many scientists believe that this 'Endevor Hoax' is a publicity stunt played by the ESEE, while it takes another 3 years to complete the 1st 'Stargazer' probe ships.

Meanwhile the Martian population publishs figures showing a rise in the number of 'Martians' so humanity stands at 8.3bn souls.

*Not the survey flagship you start with
**Making this up to explain a lot of the 'anomallies' in this game, it makes it flow as a story better.

Endevor follows a simmilar route to the leading probe and passes near the Kwilas system, or Kwi as the abreviation and on towards the star Thindor in sector 07-10 (Earth being 06-11).

2056|Futher Exploration and Development
Info that Earth wouldn't have at this time...

<<Thalan Empire builds the 'Hyperion Matrix' and 'Economic Direction Unit'>>

The Astrodrone[sup]TM[/sup] fleet reachs the Sol asteriod belt and and begins asteroid catagorisation, collection and processing.

The ESEE demards grater funding from Earth authorities to help run various projects as they are in deficit of -9kbc* Earth governments pander to the cause incresing the 'Space Tax' as it is called on national GDP from 33% to 41%, while the production capacity is dropped to 56% by dropping meteorite defense plans from the ESEE budget.

By the end of the year ESEE is back in the black with a 2kbc 'profit'. This leads futher investment into other scietific projects like the Gluon Collider at CERN using the power output of 7 hyperfusion reactors they can probe the universe at the 100 TeV level. Work for this project is expected to be completed in the next 3 years.

Endevor passes the Kwi system.

*Upscaled unit for yearly turns

2057|Science Fiction, Science Fact
Theoretical Physics and Sci-fi merge as a test project for artifical gravity using leptonic spin prove to be successful. Theoretical 'Accelaration Gates' are proposed as a use for this technology.

The 1st 'Stargazer' fleet is finished. The Stargazer, classified the ESN-SC is a light unmanned (but can be manned) probe ship with a sensory array and technology to utlise Accelaration Gates in the near future to aid in Space exploration.

Late in the year a test gate is built and the 11 probes are sent to sector (05-10).

Labs on Mars start to explore the possiblities of 'planatary improvements' as the population starts to get to grips with its new planet.

Thinder System is found to have 4 asteroid belts, but no stars.

2059|Science! (and Kazak-wood)
<<Thalans build 'Temporal Entertainment'>>

The Gluon colider is finished without incident and research begins into the wonders of the universe.

As this occurs, the Endevor comes across another space anomally that appears to be of human origin that contains infomation on interstellar trade insurance from the 23rd century.

Physicists really start to debate time travel as possible as 'Endevor Hoax' is less widely believed. The Japanise Robotics company Kabibo-Superkamiokandai sets up its second processing facility in Sols belts.

Finally just to Make benifit the cultural learnings of mankind, Kazakstan becomes set to become the new hollywood with many new films and digital media comeing from their digital revolution by siding with Chinese industry.

2060|Space is Big
Endevor leaves the Thindor heliosheath to pass the Star 'Gladstone' which is another red giant.

2061|What is with this shtlk?
Endevor discovers another human wreak of a ship from the future, programs nad IP stripped down from the accessable databanks worth 250kbc are found. There are major questions asked about the bootstrap paradox.

It moves on futher to descover 3 asteriod fields around Gladstone while Earths population reachs 8.8bn (Mars 0.14bn)

Stargazer one, or SG1 reaches the halfway point of its journey.

SG1 spots Star 'Hatch' named after Sir William Hatch as founder of the Stargazer Project.

2063|Nothing of Use Here
Hatch is discovered no to harbour any planets or asteroid fields.

The second Astro mining unit is finished in Earths belts.

2064|Space is Empty too...
Endevor plots course to another anomally, and the Second Stargazer SG2 is put into construction.

2065|Really Empty...
Second probe SG2 is launched, it is estimated it will take 14 yrs to reach its target. Endevor finds and abandoned trade ship and over 1 million bc of IP is looted from its data banks.

2066|Like so Empty its well boring...
Endevor passes Betelgeuse, while SG1 passes star Weber with 4 asteroid belts. Meanwhile the human population in the Milkyway reaches 9.3bn in total.

2070|Gravity Waves!
A breakthrough in gravitational wave detection leads to improved models of GR, thus helping early spacewarfare theory on relativistic effects of moving ships.


Those are the 1st 20 years. That was 4 pages of notes, as you will see this rescaling of time, actually doesn't model early endevours too badly. All the early probes I just sent out in a straight line and when they get to their maximun range I've just left them there (for the most part). The scout you start with is in orbit about Kwi-I for all this time and hasn't moved from there in over 100 years in this game.

I also have been playing the game without any idea of how starbases and freigters work, so you'll see some 'fluffy' explantions for when things don't work out for a bit.

I'll include some pictures of the 1st spacecraft designs in a few mins after I've screenshot 'em and uploaded 'em.



ESN-SC 'Stargazer'
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

TO has gone gc2 mad
Can't... get... drawn... in... to... another... game... arrrrrghhhhhh
Damn you both!

Commission?! PM me to discuss a price. Based in the UK.
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Im jealous. I have to play my laptop on the lowest graphics quality possible just to get a good slow speed lol. I so need a new comp!
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

Damn, I loved that read Gen, that was awesome.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Galactic Civilisations II: Gen's blog. Part I

An eerie misty morning over the Arecibo dish, as Dr. Ani Daniels checks the data stream that SG2 sends out every week. As usual she makes her morning coffee and sandwiches before proceeding to rate the data on merit.

This morning, the coffee mug meets the floor and shatters.

SG2 is broadcasting terabytes of data concerning a small object speeding past SG2 at phenomenal speed, while itself transmitting vast streams of data to some as of yet unknown location. The champagne fills several glasses. We are not alone.

The news of this discovery doesn't stay need to know for long, when ESEE clamps down on the use of radio telescopes powerful enough to receive SG2s signals, people start to wonder. The eventual leak happens 3 weeks after the discovery when a skilled hacker breaks the Arecibo network and uploads all the information being received onto the internet.

Hysteria and Panic follow in western states.

The alien object, appears to be a small 'von Neumann probe' which whipped by a media frenzy soon becomes the 'replicators of death' set to take over mankind and mankinds system. Experts are not convinced, but fear mongerers and nuts claim everything from Armageddon to little green men the size of your pinkie. Reports of UFO sightings go through the roof.

As society fluctuates and recoils at the news, top officials go into secret discussions. The major powers of the ESA, US, China, Russia and Brazil discuss ideas for the militarisation of the space and call for 32kbc to spent on this over the next 3 years to get an accurate picture of where mankind is, what we might seek to do to defend ourselves and how we should proceed in light of this new threat.

The US and China both call for 'neutral' approach to alien life (or probes) by not appearing aggressive, or too eager to engage in dialogue. An isolationist approach.

Meanwhile Star Xasica is discovered to have no planets...

2072|What shall we do with the LGM? What shall we do with the LGM? What shall we do with the LGM, er-li in the morning?
The alien probe continues on its track which leads very close to passing Sol system, and by mid year even passes within the Heliosheath. Futher panic and lack of obvious ESEE response causes public approval on Earth to dip dangerously low at 44%. The US calls for nuking the craft if it comes within the orbit of Mars.

SG1 now moves out of transmission range of the Earth. A.I. systems on board take over exploration activities.

2073|What just happened?
Alien probe ship just disappears! Experts are left in severe puzzlement of what has happened. Has the probe gone into stealth mode? hit a piece of rock and smashed into a thousand pieces? Simply it just appears to have been there one moment, gone the next.

The defense review is completed late in the year, suggesting that rather than militarise space today, it would be better to expand on the acceleration gate programs in the long run and only attempt to build military craft when Sol system has the infrastructure to do so.

Major saber rattling occurs and China blames US/EU hoax. Ironically commentator note, China has the most to gain from a massive militarisation program as it holds most of the worlds spaceports at its command.

Several new gates are put into minor production, as the defense review of humanity suggests the immediate removal of some of mankind from Sol to Kwi, lest the probe was some scout for a much larger empire.

Humanity knows alot about Kwi-1 and thus it proves to be the best candidate for an 'out of system' colony site.

As this goes on, signal analysts begin combined efforts to crack the von Neumann 'VN' signals. They estimate that this could require 2 years to crack the VN signals, and perhaps upto six years for the language itself.

The colonist ship will be built by automated factories on Earth and should be capable of transferring 1/4 bn people to Kwi, ~1/3 of mankinds disposable resources are needed for this rapid production of essentially what is little more than cattlewagon rockets. Using the acceleration gates, it is estimated that the journey shall take 2.3 years.

2075|So that's what they are saying...
Due to sheer brilliance, breaking the xeno programming is done by an algorithm that automatically we resolve the complete understanding of alien language at the same time. No probes or alien signals in the last 4 years leads to some worries about humanity 'missing their chance'.

Space weapon research is put back 3yrs to curb overspending and public approval losses. Meanwhile ESEE transmitters to Endeavor to plot a course to Kwi-1 to meet with the colonists.

SG2 discovers the Star Patroklos.

On a backdrop of burning meteorites of reentry capsules, the black colonisation president, Nelson Kiwarsi speaks to his new public. Kwi-1 is to be renamed Sanctuary and shall be humanities 'new hope' quoting some lines from the 20th century film of 'Starwars' as he does so. To great applause he becomes ESEEs ambassador for humanity on Sanctuary.

Unfortunately a slight cock up occurs during the colonisation process with tonnes of toxin chemicals as part of the colonisation fleet fall into the planets oceans. This at first causes great fears that humanity in one fell swoop has invalidated Sanctuary's ability to harbor life, but very quickly it turns into a research boom, as humans can study the effects of human colonisation effects in far more detail.

SG2 discovers ad natural wormhole near Patroklos and heads to investigate futher.

Endeavor reaches Sanctuary on Earths 'new years eve' or Scanturay's day 69.

SG2 discovers it is not equip with the right sensory equipment to study wormholes and moves back to its original course.

2081|The Gears of War
The star Visard is surveyed by SG1, while the US defense review suggest that Space Weapons will generally require larger ships than humanity is capable of producing and so interstellar Construction becomes the new order of the day.

Many generals grumble at the fact Earth still doesn't have a proper way to defend itself against aliens even 10 years after first contact. Public opinion wavers and new designs might take over 5 yrs to perfect.

However the first 'Space Commandos' School is set up in South Africa to produce military crews capable of serving on such new designs.

Humanity generally falls into an era of depression and little progress.

2087|A Space Fighter
<<Torian Confedaration aquire the 'Aquatic Transportation System'>>

The Star Marshal is surveyed with 2 asteroid fields discovered, meanwhile new techniques of interstellar construction lead to two new designs of space hull design.

The 'Batwing' spacefighter is developed.

Definition: The study of Planetary Ecosystem and biospheres introduces new mining methods.

The aliens begin to fade from popular memory, many conspiracy theories point to the ESEE playing the world for funding. This comes at a time when Endeavor after a minor refit leaves Sanctuary for the next closest star.

Cuts are made in ESEE budgets after evidence from '71 comes to light about the cover up of data and detailed alien material. The executive is ravaged by popular opinion. But still new research centers are built on Sanctuary.

The system appears to be a major fail in the efforts to find other earthlike planets.

Has doubled since 2050 levels and is set to increase much futher in the future.

2099|End of a Century
As General advances in the 21st century move into the 22nd, the Batwing order are put back another 20 years. Cost of production is simply too high with ESEE still recovering from major expenses in the colonisation of Sanctuary and public backlash. Individual nations grumble and make half hearted threats to leave ESEE but non do as ESEE has streamlined both the space industry on Earth and on other planets.

As Humanity moves into the next century it faces a period of stagnation and little advance as the 'White' generation, born in the '80s fail to pick up the slack of their parents having little ambition other than to fulfill their own needs in a society where personal entertainment is king.


Will humanity get over its own daemons? Will the Aliens return? Will Earths fledgling spacefleet ever get off the ground? Only time will tell.

There are still another 6 double pages to go of notes, and I haven't been adding to them yet!

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