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Topix about Rednecks
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Default Topix about Rednecks

Okay, so I have mentioned several times about my close proximity to rednecks. if you don't know what a redneck is, here is a short definition:

"a person that is a loud mouthed, wife beater or cowboy wannabe that lives off the system, wishes for a reason to use his guns something besides deer, thinks everyone should speak "American" and thinks he/she is the only person that should live in the US of A. They can grow over 6 ft. tall and usually sport a mullet."

I am not sure if many of you know what it is like, dealing with people like this. But if you do, please post some insight.

Now recently, I accidently found a public forum on the website "Topix.com" for my local area, Princeton. I laughed my dyi off quite a bit while browsing through this forum. Its amazing what some rednecks will talk about. if any of you are interested in the behavior of a Redneck and what they live to talk about, keep reading.

Below are a few links to some of my favorite Topixs:

Which mercer street prostitute smells the most like cheese? Discuss.

Highlights from the discussion:

"Blue Waffle [bloo-wof-uh l] : A battered or infected lady cake of blue or green colouring, often brought about by extreme rammage to the female taco with penis or similar device. Blue Waffle infections are a result of dirty skank whoreness of the smack head variety and are abundant in areas of extreme chav infestations as well as areas high in whoredom."

"I met one at one time and we got together along with my friends. We was real drunk. She took her clothes off and I tell you what, the smell was undescribable. Do you know that feeling when the saliva builds up while you get a lump in your throat and your cheeks start hurting trying to keep from vomiting. That's what I had going on. I didn't care though, I was too horny. After me and my four friends got done, we took her back to town and threw her out of the car. We took off without paying and she was mad as hell. We looked back and she was trying to catch us while throwing her shoes. We learned our lesson after that. I could still smell that odor for weeks. I'm 19 and I now get SSI, and I think it's because of that. I drink my dyi off and take a lot of drugs trying to forget. I wish I could get help. Please think about me."

who knows Jojo on washington ave and what she is like?

"l0l who eva dis iz thankx fa havinq muh backk l0l.
qet at meh.
* && all yhu muh****as on hur talkinq shxt needa qet at meh too fa i kan bust dhat dyi fa yhu talkinq all dis mess!

"Wow Jojo that was really entertaining to read. You will go far in life. All the way to the mail box to pick up your welfare check! Just to let you know most people who contribute to society don’t talk like that, but hey you sounded REAL gangsta LMAO!!!
BTW I will take fries and a coke with that burger and make if fast LOL. I predict you will be the queen of McDonalds someday soon. Thank you for being you… without people like you there would be nobody to work in fast food restaurants."

Now I know none of you know where Mercer Street is, but I might go on google maps and take some screenshots for you later. You might laugh, especially if I can capture a photo of one of these ellusive cheesy prostitutes. In addition, I used to eat at Tutor's Biscut World, till I found out JoJo works there.

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Default Re: Topix about Rednecks

I'm not on Welfare, but I'm guessing this thread is dedicated to people like me regardless.

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Default Re: Topix about Rednecks

As amusing as the redneck stereotype maybe, I don't see this going anywhere except arguements.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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