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Things we learn from other's mistakes
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Default Things we learn from other's mistakes

As a wise man stated, "when you learn from mistakes, they dont all have to be your mistakes"

So i created this thread for us to share the lessons we learnt through unfortunate (and often hilarious) situations and results.

You can write about things you have learnt from your room mate, best friend, partner, or just some random you see walking down the street.

I'll start us off:

Never watch a pure blond advertisement and then have a shower afterwards - especially if you have noisy shower pipes.

What happened was in my dad's old house, our hot water pipes were very noisy. They made huge amounts of noise and sent tremours all through the house like someone was hack-sawwing through some very very thick wood with a rusty grinder...and at random points throughout your shower it would make this very loud noise which would startle (and often annoy) you.

My dad's housemate had just watched the pure blond ad (aussies will probably remember this one - the first real one we had with the "heaven" place with pure blond lakes, and this stinky trukkie comes in with a loud radio and a greasy meat-pie stain on his shirt) and he was singing the theme song in the shower. He'd turn on the taps, it would make the noise (ill denote this with *makes noise*) and yeah, ill take you through the commentary

*Turn on taps*
*Makes Noise*
"Stop it!"
*Stops for a second, then makes noise*
"Stop it!!!"
stops for a while. He starts to sing the tune...
"She's my cherry pie-"
*Makes Noise*
"STOP IT!!!"

(he kept singing, taps kept making noise and he kept shouting. It kept going for a few minutes, and we could hear it from downstairs, it was hilarious.

Anyway of course you dont have to have it as detailed as this, could be something like a sentence or something, but i think we could all get a few laughs out of this thread

Lord Zambia
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Originally Posted by jhontauel
4 lightening claws LMAO. wouldn't the inquisition get involved?
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Killing terminators with flamers is like trying to stop a charging elephant with a fly swatter.
Originally Posted by Genmotty
if your not going to change your ammo between battles then you deserve to be giving people rashes.
Originally Posted by Tetrino
Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
Originally Posted by Fire at Will
Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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