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where does this go?
View Poll Results: should america quit acting like "world police"?
yes 4 44.44%
no 3 33.33%
other(please specify) 2 22.22%
Voters: 9. You may not vote on this poll

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Default where does this go?

What is your guys opinion about america being "world police"?
Originally Posted by USAFTACP
You just laugh a lot at the other Tau player and eventually he will leave.
(three plus power armor will block all your shots but can i get over 1" of dangerous terrain...oops i rolled a one)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. cough cough anyone got a coughdrop?

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Default Re: where does this go?

Yes. It is someone else's turn. :P

Let China do it for awhile.

(You would have to be a fool if you believed everyone would mind their own business. If it isn't the United States of America then it will be someone else).

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Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people.

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Default Re: where does this go?

If it has to be somebody, I guess it has to be the US of A though I wish some part of its population ain't so...stupid...and retarded...and bigoted...and ignorant. You get what I mean.
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