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Clash of the Titans Sucked...
Old 02 Apr 2010, 14:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Clash of the Titans Sucked...

...but in a good way. Sort of. Bit like the Alice in wonderland remake, but less memorably "who the **** do these people think they are?" inducing. Why is the mad hatter ninja braveheart? Why does Perseus receive a lightsaber from the gods, despite the fact that he is actively trying to thwart their plans? These are the questions I ask myself, and they hurt my feelings.

On the plus side, my cock is in love with Io. I'd like to get me some of those highly erotic medusa fighting lessons. Also, exploding middle eastern tree wizards and The MILF from "Rome" who I think is in "Caprica" too playing sort of the same character for 30 odd seconds before being aged to death.
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

I thought it was brilliant in some ways. Favorite characters are the Hunters hehe, they are just so random it makes the movie that much more cooler :P

The ending somewhat bit, and perseus Hadukan'd Hades faster then well..something fast
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

I agree, didn't like it at all....
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

Haven't seen it yet. Is everyone's hate is due to the movie being bad. Is it based on a typical bad after 911 movie, or bad as in the remake of Charlie and The Choclate Factory bad with seeing the original several times and wishing Gene Wilder acting in that movie should had been just as good in his other movies.

I seen the original when pg still allowed naked boys and women as long as it wasn't sex involed. I thought the original was good for it's time and I still like to watch it. I loved the brass owl as a kid. Also I loved the music to the movie and how Zeus had clay minis and played everyone like 40k. He even had a gaming table which I guess was the ampetheater of Juppa. I think this is the real reason why I play 40k cause Zeus have hero minis.

I just hope it's bad as the 911 way. Bad as in messing up the orginal where it's a total reboot always almost always never work. I totally hate reboots. Stick with what everyone liked. I rather get a modern version of the same story than a modern version of the same story trying to be differant just to be differant so you wouldn't know what's going on.
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

I really want to see it regardless of what people say about it. But I loved the original, so I'm already expecting it to be a shoddy comparison. Then again, I thought that of the Transformers movie, which first time round I thought sucked. But then I watched it again and judged it alone on it's own merits aside from the older version and cartoon series. I liked it second time round, and actually quite liked the second one. Sure they weren't exactly works of art, and were a bit shit. But good shit.

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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

I thought it was really good, and tried to have its own uniqueness compared to just remaking the original, summed up in the scene with the mechanical owl.

Also... the lightsaber of the gods was flat out explained :P
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

Oh, you guys forgot to bring soundtracks? Pity .

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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

It was very short, it wasn't much "Clash of the titans" as it was "Killing the Kracken" I was dissapointed, you only saw Medusa, the whole story was getting to her, the fight scene with the Kracken wasn't even that long.

And whats with the whole original skins cast being put in there? (I saw whole, there was 2 of them but still!)
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...


1) How the **** did the Hunters get back to the city before Perseus?
2) How did the Immortal chick die?
3) I thought Perseus wanted to kill the gods, yet he only kills Hates?
4) If he didn't want to be "like a god" why did he use the things he was given?
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Default Re: Clash of the Titans Sucked...

1) They set off before him
2) She was ageless not immortal, theres a difference
3) Hades kille his "parents".
4) Because he wanted to help Zeus defeat Hades, and for the Io

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