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Troll the Dice!
Old 31 Mar 2010, 10:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default Troll the Dice!

Guy teaches you how to cheat on your dice rolls when playing 40k, using magnets.

I think he's just trolling, though, so no real need to flip out over it (I mean it would be pretty damn obvious there was some bullshit going on, the dice don't even roll)...but maybe someone should punch him in the nuts anyway. It's the only way to be sure.

Warhams is serious business.
Originally Posted by Redbeard
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!


Do this at your LGS and nobody will even think to suspect anything :

Lord Zambia
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4 lightening claws LMAO. wouldn't the inquisition get involved?
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if your not going to change your ammo between battles then you deserve to be giving people rashes.
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Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
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Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

Lmao, you be better off with a magnetic sheet that was weaker so they at least rolled a bit. :P

Still, you have to be pretty lame to even consider this sort of thing.
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

I find it even more funny that they track to the magnetic spot. You can see in one of the last rolls he does with the 'cocked' dice that it rolls and curves to the left at the last moment and stops dead, ignoring the laws of motion :P

Its fairly easy to spot when they just snap-stop :P

Douchebag is appropriate.
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

I wonder if he will use them for Ld checks or Perils of the warp?
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

It's obviously a joke, because you would be caught instantly.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

'That one's cocked, some people will complain about that.'

I lol'd.

This is definitely a joke. It was a funny tutorial but the entire charade is pretty transparent to anyone you use it on - those dice didn't roll naturally in the least. :P
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Old 31 Mar 2010, 14:26   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

What worries me... that was also a tutorial on how to weigh dice. Those dice now have metal in the 1 spot, so even without a magnet they are going to roll more towards the 6.

Yea... I think people would catch the magnet though. Look how all your 6s congregate around that one spot over and over again... its magic :.
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

You could just decide which side of a die you want facing out, giving you a better chance of rolling your number, putting all of your models on GF9 magnetic bases, putting small bits of the base mover materials in the number dots on the die, then rolling them near your models.

Although come to think of it, anyone who wants to cheat is forgetting something important: Warhammer is a game.
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Default Re: Troll the Dice!

Also sixes are obvious cheats. If you wanted to make a set of 'loaded dice' you'd take about 5 or 6, and weight the low numbers, about 2 fives, 3 fours and a six, put them in with your other dice and they will roll above average.

But to be frank if your worrying over a game designed for fun. Then well, you've just lost your mancard mate.

Real men don't cheat (except in love and war ;D).

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