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If I rules the Tau Empire
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Default If I rules the Tau Empire

All of my FW would be upgraded to xv15 with options for Burst Cannon, Flamer, Plasma Rifle, or missle pod.

I'd give all the pulse rifles to the kroot who I'd mount in DF.

I'd scrap all Broadsides and convert them to assault suits with flamer, burst cannon, jet packs,and stealth tech.

Stealth tech would also go on the HH and crisis suits.

I'd eat the krotox herd.

If we are going to dream, might as well make it big!

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Default Re: If I rules the Tau Empire

But you doesn't. ;D
Due to an error in translation, the isolated colony of T'ves'kal'dai mistakenly worshiped the greater goose for seven generations. Reeducation efforts continue.

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Default Re: If I rules the Tau Empire

I'd train them to deep strike and also in the use of close combat weapons.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: If I rules the Tau Empire

I'd make all Tau into Goths.

<warning, may contain nuts>
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