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Considering a Philosophical Major...
Old 13 Mar 2010, 13:12   #21 (permalink)
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

A couple of my friends are philosophy major graduates and are in complete disarray after finishing. I did 3 years of philosophy minors on the side just to complement my painting major and found that worked out really well. In the end philosophy is something you can pursue largely on your own and still get the same amount of satisfaction out of it. Unless youre planning on being a writer for philosophy journals id just stick to minoring, and doing your major in something more practical.
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Old 14 Mar 2010, 04:36   #22 (permalink)
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

I don't see the appeal of a marketable/practical degree. Or rather I don't see any that fancies me and they don't appeal to me. Science? I'm not that scientific. Business and Mass Communication? I suck at accounting and actual communication.
Though I did okay in my Economics but meh.

Can't believe I live in a world where the pursuit of knowledge is very much crippling your ability to live adequately : *Frustration*
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

It honestly doesn't. Off the top of my head I can think of 5 of my mates from A level already earning more than 25k a year.

Like I said before; you get out of life what you put in.

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Old 15 Mar 2010, 08:06   #24 (permalink)
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

With applying what you did in a degree to a job, It's how you spin it in your future employers favour.
In a Sociology course I did at Uni one of the lecturers worked at a marketing firm as a business analysis. He has no commerce experience, or a business degree. What he did was apply the skills he learnt to the job to show the interviewers how he would be beneficial to the company.

Philosophy is full of asking "why" a lot! If you like having what you thought you know messed with a bit then do some Philosophy topics but don't build it into a degree.

I'll give you the example of what I am just about to complete:
I am doing a Bachelor of Arts. I majored in International Relations, and Criminal Justice. I had enough Sociology topics to make that into a Minor. I did the sociology on the side as electives because they complimented the International Realtions and Criminal Justice topics I did.
I can now apply for anything in the Government (Particularly Foreign Affairs and Defence), any multi-national company as a foreign analyst, researcher in the Criminal Justice institution. Basically any job that requires an analyst or researcher that deals in international relations or crime, even social behaviour.

What I suggest is partly do what USAFTACP has stated. Pick something that has a tangible employment option at the end of the degree (it'll make getting a job easier in respect to convincing the interviewer you are the man for the job), and if you like to do philosophy pick it as an elective if the degree allows it. This means looking at degrees to make sure you can pick a philosophy elective.

Good Luck! Enjoy the favourite brain juice every tertiary education student drinks, int: BEER! But Beware Uni Taverns are a trap! You may forget you are there doing a degree :P
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Old 15 Mar 2010, 10:52   #25 (permalink)
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

or forget your pants... :shifty:
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Old 16 Mar 2010, 03:47   #26 (permalink)
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

I don't see the appeal of a marketable/practical degree.
You don't right now, but being able to find a good job easier is a great plus.

Economics is good, but I'll warn there are a lot of classes involved that are somewhat math intensive. Nothing like advanced calc, but difficult in their own right.

I said it before but I highly recommend majoring in x, and minoring in philosophy. On its own its not the best job catcher, but it makes for a great minor to compliment any major.

For schools in the states. I don't know a lot of the country in detail. But North Carolina has an area called the research triangle, there are a lot of colleges in that area including Duke(out of price range, but it is basically the Harvard/Yale of the south) and two very prestiges public schools NC State and UNC Chapel Hill. Not sure on NC State, but Duke and Chapel Hill are very pro-foreigners. Both have programs where they allow their students to travel to other countries for study and foreign students to study at them. Most schools do this, but Chapel Hill is very helpful with the process and credits are easily transfered. Other end of the state you have Wake(also probably out of price range), and a lot of good universities scattered about. If you like scenery there is Appalachian State(my alum) which is nestled in the most beautiful part of the Appalachian mountains. My view out my window was better than the mountain desktops many people have as their computer backgrounds... comes with lots of hiking trails and snow skiing. And yes, we have GWs.... well actually we have independent retailers... which are better than GWs, same products, less sales oriented and no kids . There are plenty of other good schools in the country, but being my home state I know which ones are looked at more fondly here than others.

It might be good to narrow down an area of the country you might like to live in. Up north its colder, but there are more cities. The south has less cities, and while some of the people are a little 'duh' one thing I like about Virginia and the carolinas is that they sit between beautiful mountains and the beach so there are lots of sight seeing opportunities if you like nature. Florida is basically all beach. I can't think of many selling points for the deep south(Mississipi, Alabama, Louisiana) unless you like heat and humidity and a lot of 'duh' people. The middle of the country... is pretty flat but there is still a lot to do. Cali is Cali, I'm sure we have members that can say more. Then there is always the desert, but I don't see you being a fan of that. Hope that helps you narrow it down some.

And community colleges are good, but if your coming in from another country I would try for better known universities. There are basically all 2 year schools to my understanding, and while great schools they are almost always all people from within 30 miles so you won't meet a lot of different types of people. If your exploring the world my goal would be to experience as much as possible. Might even be worth it to go to a school in the south or north that has a partner school in the opposite so you can spend a summer in the one just to experience it.
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Old 16 Mar 2010, 07:05   #27 (permalink)
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Default Re: Considering a Philosophical Major...

I dont believe necessarily in the same philosophy, the community college I attended how alot of exchange students. Some from New Zealand, Australia, and of all places the middle east and even Somalia!

Many asians in our neck of the woods.

They generally are just all around cheaper, and more casual imo.
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