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Movie Reviews by RedLetterMedia.
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Default Movie Reviews by RedLetterMedia.

Hey guys it's yer ol' pal Pachuco Cadaver with more youtube shtlk to share. This time, instead of guys in Koala suits or examples of horrible acting, we're gonna take a peek into the mind of a warped riggers who spends his time hilariously dissecting sci-fi movies and the occasional hooker.

You can find it all here
His Magnum opus is his epic 7 part Phantom Menace review, but First Contact is a close second(as well as being shorter) They tend to be somewhat long. If you're looking for a quick fix, watch the Avatar review. It's only two parts, and the second part works alright by itself and gets started faster.
R.I.P Kangaroo Joe.
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You just wasted 5 seconds of my life, you prick.
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Default Re: Movie Reviews by RedLetterMedia.

HAHAHAHA the Avatar one was great!
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Default Re: Movie Reviews by RedLetterMedia.

The Phantom Menace review is ****ing GOLD. I'm actually writing an English paper on it now :P Seriously though, it's 70 minutes well spent. This stuff is really solid haha :P
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