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Vacation Plans for 2010: New York ;D (*suggestions please*)
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Default Vacation Plans for 2010: New York ;D (*suggestions please*)

Ok, so I've been working my dyi off this last 6 months, waiting for retake my final exams (Damn swineflu).
In the end of March, I will be done, and planning to go on vacation. Probably travel in May.

As many of my friends have been there, and recommended it greatly, I feel like taking a week-long trip to the Big Apple.

But what to do while I'm there?
Museums are obvious, as I'm a history-tard.
As the dollar is rather low, I'll probably do a large amount of shopping :3
I'd like to see a baseball game.
To go to a hueg-screen cinema.
And so much more...
(oh, yeah. Also gamestores and similar nerd-gathering areas).

Has anyone else been there? And have a place or event to recommend?

King Winter
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Default Re: Vacation Plans for 2010: New York ;D (*suggestions please*)

Hey man,

I'm not an American, but we Canadians live pretty close anyways. :P

The good thing about the US, especially the North, is that everything is pretty close together. You can do things in New York, then visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore (I think it's there...) and if you're a history guy, take a trip to Maryland and visit the Gettysburg battlefield. Go to Buffalo and you can do some good shopping. Go to Washington, maybe visit Obama, see the Lincoln memorial, etc...

If you're lucky, you could watch and NHL game as well, they'd be in the playoffs by then. Depends when you plan on heading over, I guess.

Anyways, I'm sure others will be a lot more knowledgeable then me!
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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