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what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?
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Default what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

im just wonding what just was fun but cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

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Default Re: what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

Dungeons and Dragons. I play, and it's great! You only need the core rulebooks, and any other supplements you buy from there are yer own fault!!! ;D
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Default Re: what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

just about anything is cheaper than WH ;D

me and some of my mates made up stats for real WW2 troops and vehicles so we can play historical battles using ordinary toy soldiers with the WH rules. much cheaper than GW models and a lot of fun as well.
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Default Re: what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

Mordhiem is quite cheap... although by far the cheapest game I've played is my own RPG...

Download and print the attached file. It contains a basic list of weapons (feel free to expand and change them at will) and sample characters for a Final Fantasy VII setting... although you can re-write them for any setting.

Each player gets a set number of "points" to spend (I suggest 6-8) on upping their characters at the start of the game. You cannot add to a primary stat (eg: Dexterity), only a secondary one (eg: Dodge).

Stats work in tiers: D, D+1, D+2, 2D, etc. Adding bonuses to a stat increases the ability.

For example. A Gunmage has 4D in ballistics. This means he rolls 4D6 when attempting to fire a gun. However, if he spends two points in SMG, and three points in Magnum, he rolls 4D+2 to fire a SMG, and 5D to fire a Magnum.

Finally, there's the multiple action rule. A character may make multiple actions in one turn, but each additional action causes a dice reduction in each attempted stat.

For example: The gunmage above rolls 5D to fire a Magnum. If he wished to fire two at once, each Magnum would roll 4D. If he was trying to dodge incoming fire at the same time, each Magnum would roll 3D, and he would only receive D+1 for his Dodge.

The difficulty of each check is decided by the DM. I also use an "injury" system, so that only a really accurate (or powerful) enemy attack takes of HP. Most attacks will either glance off (no injury), or cause a more serious wound that will make things harder for the players. DMs should also reward "XP" after a successful game, which is applied in the same way as the starting bonuses. I'd say 4-5 XP per game is about right, but if the players do really well, give more. Likewise, if they play badly, give them less.

With a quick bit of work, this system can work in any game system (it was originally meant for a Resident Evil setting...). Total cost: negligable. All you need is players (free), pens/pencils and paper (cheap), and dice (also cheap). No models, no boards, just that.

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Default Re: what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

Rackham Games, Cheaper and simply better than anything the Crock workshop produces
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Default Re: what cheaper then warhammer 40k ?

World of Warcraft, conqueronline.com, gambling and stock-market trading

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